Why do golfers wear glove on left hand

Why do golfers wear glove on left hand – Explained

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Many golfers wear Gloves on just one hand curious to know why Golfers do this  ? 

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I did a lot of research and I found out these and happy to share with you all.Assuming we are talking about a right handed golfer, you wear a glove on your left hand as that is the hand that grips the club. 

The right hand is more loosely placed on the club and does not require the extra grip that the glove provides.

A light grip is ideal in golf so two gloves probably would be counter productive.

The common golf club grip involves one hand, the non-dominant, securely holding the club while the other, dominant, hand mostly overlaps the fingers of first hand and actually makes less contact with the club itself.

The glove is worn on the non-dominant hand where the primary gripping force is present.

Why do golfers wear just one glove?

Traditionally, players wear one glove on their weak hand. So, a right-handed golfer would wear one on his left hand, while a left-handed golfer would wear one on his right hand.

The primary reason golfers wear only one glove is to improve their grip. 

There is a dominant and a non-dominant hand (depending on whether you are right or left-handed). In order to make clean and forceful contact throughout the golf swing, each hand plays an important role.

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Because the left hand absorbs the most impact, right-handed golfers will wear gloves on that hand. It is also the dominating hand when it comes to regulating your swing speed and velocity.

Throughout the swing, the hand must lock the club into place with minimal to no movement. 

This is why, on the one hand, the glove is helpful for golfers since it keeps the golf club locked into position.

Keeping Blisters at Bay

 Golfers frequently get blisters. Blisters will occur if you consistently swing at full speed with a firm grip. A glove will help to decrease friction between the skin and the club.

This is also why we see golfers wearing two gloves. Blisters are an ailment that can keep a golfer out for a week or two.

Gloves will become looser when hands sweat, especially during the hot summer months. 

This is the ideal blister formula. Although one glove should be sufficient to avoid blisters, it is not unusual to wear two gloves. PGA golfers like Tom Gainey (shown below) wear two.

Keep Sweaty Hands to a Minimum

 As previously said, it is critical to keep the hands as dry as possible. Sweat may affect golf club control, which is something that every golfer strives for.

Sweaty hands can cause the golf club to move in the hand, altering the swing pattern. Wearing one glove assists in securing the golf club and ensuring the swing is stable during the loading process.

Keeping Your Hands From Getting Wet

 Golf enthusiasts play in all weather conditions. Rain, 100-degree days, and even snow on occasion! The wetness on the hands, along with mild precipitation, can have an impact on the golf swing. 

In contrast to other sports, a golf swing may cause a ball to sway left or hook right if it is off by a few millimetres.

Do All golfers are required to wear the glove of non-dominant hand of their hands?

The great majority of professionals will wear the glove on their non-dominant hand, which is usually their left, but this is not necessarily the case for ordinary golfers, high handicappers, and even mid handicappers.

Many golfers will have blisters and discomfort on their right hand exclusively, while their left hand will be perfectly fine.

As a result, they wear the glove on the non-dominant hand, which is perfectly OK; don’t be scared to deviate from convention when playing the game.

On which hand do golfers wear their golf gloves?

 Most golfers will only wear a glove on one hand, with only a few exceptions wearing a glove on both hands. Some ladies like to use two gloves to protect both hands, while most men just wear one Men’s Golf Glove.

Golf gloves are generally worn on the leading hand, thus right-handed players will wear a left-handed golf glove. Golfers that are left-handed use gloves on their right hand. This might be perplexing at times; just remember to wear your glove on the opposite hand of your dominant hand.


Even if you accept the logic behind wearing a golf glove on the dominant hand, wouldn’t you be better off wearing a glove on both hands?

There are arguments for and against wearing a glove on both hands, and it is not uncommon to see a golfer wearing two gloves.

Some golfers have grip difficulties, such as callouses and blisters on both hands, and choose to wear gloves on both hands as a result.

I would argue that this is not the best setup, and it may feel strange switching from one to two golf gloves, but if your hands are in discomfort, it may be necessary to play golf without pain in your hands.

Hands that are sweaty

 Sweaty hands can cause your grips to become moist and your hands to slide as you strike the ball, reducing your performance. Some golfers will choose to wear a glove on both hands to guarantee a solid and firm grip each time they address and strike the ball.

Weather Conditions That Are Wet And Rainy

 Many golfers have a spare glove on hand in case it rains and their grips become wet. A moist grip, like sweaty palms, can cause your hands to slide over it and disrupt your performance, which is where two golf gloves come in useful.


Laziness, in a word. It would take a lot of time to put on two golf gloves for every stroke. Putting on and taking off these gloves should be a difficult and even distracting job.

In addition, golfers prefer to have a glove-free hand so they can reach for their phone, GPS device, balls, and tees without having to fumble about awkwardly with a glove.

With a glove on each hand, it might be difficult to remove and place a tee in the ground, which is one of the major reasons golfers use only one glove.

Can cause you to lose your grip 

 The 10 finger/Baseball grip is likely to be your first choice as a novice. However, as you gain experience, you may want to try with different grips, such as the Overlapping or Interlocking golf grips, in order to improve your performance.

It may be a bit more difficult to get your fingers into place on an overlap or interlocking grip with two gloves.

Reduces your impression of the golf club

 The relationship you form with the club is critical. Remember that your right/dominant hand will be used to direct the club head into the ball at the proper angle so that you connect with the sweet spot, and having a good feel for the club with your bare hand is a crucial part of this.

Having this hand covered by a glove may take away some of the sensation you receive from the club and add a few strokes to your total score.

What Hand Do You Wear the Golf Glove On?

The Opposite Or the Non-Dominant Hand:

Wear the golf glove on the “opposite” hand. Right-handed golfers, for example, wear the golf glove on their left hands, whereas left-handed players wear the golf glove on their right hands.

Why this way?

The rationale for this glove-to-hand arrangement is that the “top” hand on a golf club is the lead hand, which means that its grip is critical. 

As a result, righties wear gloves on their left hands and vice versa.

Golf Glove Purchasing Right-handed golfers are in luck, as right-handed golf gloves are widely available at sports goods stores.

Left-handed golfers, on the other hand, may have a more difficult time, as left-handed gloves are not as commonly accessible as right-handed gloves.

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What Kind Golf Glove should I buy?

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Golfers use one glove to improve their grip, reduce blisters, and protect themselves from the elements. It is essential to wear at least one glove to combat the elements. 

Maintaining healthy hands throughout the golf season is critical, especially if you are retired and play all year.

Wearing a glove can help avoid blisters. Look for gloves that may be worn on the spot at your local pro store.

Why are you only wearing one golf glove? 

Do you put on two? None? Let us know in the comments what your major motivation is for wearing golf gloves during the whole golf season.

It would be more control over the shot if I were to sum up everything. A glove on one hand is really preferable than none on either hand or both hands. 

Though wearing gloves on one hand may seem weird at first glance, individuals who do so understand the mechanics of the game and do so for scientific reasons that are fairly reasonable.

Whenever your friends make fun of golfers for wearing only one glove, remind them of this page.

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