What do women wear to golf- The DOs and Dont’s

What do women wear to golf- womens golf wear : The DOs and Dont’s

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Yes, I’m guilty as charged. I’m not particularly very good at golf. But I’m a slouch. I enjoy it, support it, appreciate and respect it. Do you really want me to show you this? Just have faith in me.

My Melbourne Golf club is one of my favourite places to spend time with my family. We love the pool, breakfast, cocktail parties, and charity dinners, and I’m quite the tennis player. 

The past year has seen me spend more time on the golf course and at golfing events than ever before, and I haven’t enjoyed the wardrobe alternatives available. Normally, I have no trouble figuring out what to wear.

When it comes to golf, while I’m surrounded by it on a daily basis, I don’t play nearly as often as I should. 

As a result, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t go overboard with fashion purchases and prefers to have a wardrobe full of versatile clothing that can be used for many events and looks.

This is welcome news for golfers, whose equipment and green fees may be prohibitively expensive.  However, the average lady doesn’t have to spend any money on what to dress to golf. Everything you’ll need to play a game of golf is probably already at your home.

What to Wear on Your First Golf Game !

If it’s your first time visiting a golf course, you may be unsure about what to dress. Let me provide you a few pointers to get things started.

Look for a shirt with a nice fit and a collar. The shirt should have a good amount of give to it without being overly constricting. It’s important to know if you’ll be in a hot or cold climate when making your fabric selection. Full-sleeved shirts as well as short sleeve shirts are acceptable.

Tucking your shirt into your pants requires that it be long enough to cover your hips and thighs. To keep cool, don’t wear tight-fitting pants or shorts. In the summer, it’s preferable to wear shorts. Neither of these alternatives can have drawstrings or belt loops.

The slacks you wear should come to the top of your shoes. Safe colour selections include shades of khaki and grey, as well as creams, tans and beige. Shorts that are shorter than three quarters of the leg should be avoided.

Look at a pair of high-end golf shoes in your size if you want to be more comfortable on the course. Shoes with soft spikes or rubber studs throughout the sole are advised if this is not easily accessible to you.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and thick cotton ankle socks to help you stay cool and dry. You should wear shoes that are the same colour as your pants.

It’s a good idea to have a glove, sunglasses, and a hat in your golf bag in case of emergency, but it’s not required.

Golf Polo Shirt set
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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To begin, consider your school or workplace attire. If you’re wearing an oxford button-up with blue jeans, Instead check for:

Long trousers, capris, a skirt, or shorts with pockets that are comfortable to wear. Non-blue-denim jean styles and shorts or skirts of any length are acceptable on public courses. Short-shorts and denim styles should be avoided in individual lessons. Opt for comfy, machine-washable bottoms.

Stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely. For a private course, this may have a mock turtleneck or collar, and the length of the sleeves will depend on the weather.

A dress would be preferable to any of those options. A flexible knit dress that is easy to move about in is appropriate for a round of golf. Under a short dress, wear a pair of warm leggings.

Underwear that is both comfortable and stylish. A bra without wires is ideal, as are pants that don’t sag or ride up.

If the temperature changes, bring a sweater, pullover, or jacket. Wool is a traditional material because it is both warm and dry. However, clothes worn in the gym, while running or riding a bike may be more equipped to withstand inclement weather.

Shoes that may be used for tennis, sports, and walking. If you’re wearing a beloved pair of Skechers or cross-trainers, don’t worry about others noticing. Until you get actual golf shoes, walk carefully on the fairways and putting greens.

Socks. After your first experience in a bunker, you won’t care if your supplies are sparse.

Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

You can wear a baseball cap as a golf hat and keep your hair out of your face with the hole in the back. Driving glasses that you would wear when driving a vehicle may also be used to drive a golf ball.

What Do Women Wear While Golfing?

Many first-time golfers are curious in what ladies golfers wear on the course. 

There are certain broad principles you should observe regardless of how tight the dress code is at your golf club.

Polo Shirts in Every Color in the Spectrum

First and foremost, wear a golf shirt that allows your body to move freely, which will improve your performance. Polo shirts are the most popular choice since they are available in a wide range of colours and designs, including:

  • V-neck with buttons along the front
  • Sleeves that are both long and short
  • Floral, striped, and argyle pattern prints are all popular choices.

Can You Wear Leggings to Golf?

What to wear on your lower half is mostly determined by the weather.

Pants and shorts should always include belt loops so that you may wear a belt. Slacks or coloured chinos are popular choices during the cooler months.

Shorter slacks, such as capris, crops, and Bermuda shorts, are popular in the summer. 

If you do decide to wear shorts, keep in mind that exclusive clubs like them to be no more than four inches above the knee.

Avoid Being Too Casual

Golf dresses and skirts/Skorts (a mix between a skirt and shorts) are other viable alternatives for the summer. Just avoid the following outfits, which are all regarded excessively casual:

Sundresses, Sweaters, Athletic Pants, and Leggings

Layering Your Clothes

It’s very uncommon to need to layer up on the golf course, particularly because temps may change greatly from morning to afternoon. Women’s sweaters and jackets come in a variety of styles, including:

  • sweater with a turtleneck
  • A vest for golf
  • A golf coat
  • A windbreaker
  • A hooded raincoat that is waterproof.
  • Wearing a denim jacket or a basic sweatshirt is deemed inappropriate.

What to Wear on The Golf Course: Do’s and DON’Ts


  • Choose golf socks that will wick moisture away from your feet and that are the same colour as your trousers or shorts (if you’re wearing black shoes, darker socks are more acceptable).
  • Socks should be long enough to reach your ankles and not longer than that.
    Wear a hat with a visor or straw hat to keep cool, particularly on hot days.
  • Wearing polarised sunglasses may help to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays while also lowering glare on the road.
  • Blisters and callouses may be avoided by wearing modest jewellery and a golf glove.
    Put on a belt (you have belt loops for a reason). Match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shirt or jeans.
  • Wear a high-quality watch that is both sweat- and water-resistant.
  • Cowboy hats, stylish fedoras, and beanies are not permitted.
  • Wearing lengthy necklaces or dangly earrings that might get entangled or twisted is not a good choice.

Invest in High-Quality Footwear

When it comes to selecting appropriate golf footwear for women, the following guidelines should be followed.

Invest in golf shoes with non-metal (or soft) spikes, since they are often required on all golf courses. They’re necessary not just for looking the part, but also for providing solid footing when you take a swing.

Casual clubs may allow running shoes, but it’s recommended to wear golf shoes so you don’t lose traction on the golf course.

For socks, choose golfing socks that absorb sweat and give maximum comfort for all-day play. 

Choose a pair that complements your jeans, shorts, skort, or golf dress.

Check that they are low or don’t show for your golf club’s mark of approval.

Accessory Restrictions

In terms of accessories, ladies should always wear a cap or visor on bright days to protect their eyes.

Feel free to mix and match styles, colours, and textiles since almost everything goes. 

Coordination of your hat or visor with the rest of your attire, on the other hand, will boost your immaculate golfing aesthetic.

You may also accent your look with the following items:

  • Polarized sunglasses are indicated to minimise glare and protect your eyes from dangerous UV radiation.
  • Watch – Choose a sweat-proof and waterproof watch for accurate timekeeping on the golf course.

Clothing and footwear:

Golf shoes with firm rubber or plastic spikes or other non-metal (soft) spikes are recommended. (If you don’t have golf shoes, you may use running shoes or sneakers with adequate traction instead.)
Metal spikes should not be worn because they cause damage to the course.

Boots, street shoes, and sandals are not permitted.

Tee shirts with a collar made of cotton, micro-Fiber, or polyester mixes should be worn tucked into your trousers; polo-style shirts should be worn untucked.

The same is true whether you’re a spectator or feasting. 

To enter the clubhouse and dining area, most country clubs demand collared shirts, so dress appropriately.

On hot days, sleeveless golf shirts are ideal for the ladies to wear.

Don’t put on clothing that doesn’t fit properly. 

The length of your sleeves should be three-quarters of the way up to your armpit to your elbow.

If you can’t see your elbow, it seems to be sloppily done.

Another sloppy appearance is a shirt that is not tucked in.

Ladies should avoid wearing t-shirts, halters, tank tops, tube tops, or bathing suit tops, and they should avoid exposing their cleavage.


Golf trousers, shorts, and skirts should be constructed of a fabric that enables your skin to breathe, wicks away perspiration, and doesn’t impede your mobility while you’re playing golf.

You can’t go wrong with the classic colours of khaki, black, and white, but you can also have some fun with other hues and patterns.

If you’re wearing a bright bottom, pair it with a neutral top, as a general rule of thumb (and vice versa if wearing a bold shirt).

If you’re wearing trousers, the bottoms of your legs should be flush with the tops of your sneakers.
If you’re wearing shorts, they should be long enough to cover your kneecaps.

With skirts, skorts, and dresses, women have a greater choice of options.

These should be worn between the middle of the thigh and the knee, and no more than two inches above the kneecap. Furthermore, it is preferable if the skirt has shorts incorporated into it.

Wearing denim, cargo shorts, jeans, sweatpants, yoga pants, or any other sports trousers is not permitted on the premises.

Wearing your pants or shorts for an excessive amount of time is sloppy.

We are here to assist you in looking your best, so please refrain from wearing trousers with cuffs or pleats.

If you’re going to wear shorts, be sure they’re not too tight or too short.

Please, no booty shorts or little skirts for the ladies. 

When it comes to selecting golf accessories and what to wear , there are a few crucial considerations – The weather conditions and the type of golf course on which you are playing.
There are numerous courses that have strict clothing codes, and this is true for many of them. They may even ask that shirts be tucked up or that players wear shorts of a certain length on the course.
If you are playing golf at a private club, be sure you are aware of the dress code requirements.
The weather is another significant factor to take into consideration. If you are going to be playing in the rain or in very high temperature weather, you must ensure that you have the right gears and accessories to play your game on that particular day before you begin.

Makeup & Hairdo

Golfing is indeed a outdoor game. Most of the Golfing happens during fall, spring and Summer time.

Even while it may seem like a no-brainer, wearing darker colours (black, navy blue, etc.) can attract the sun’s rays, making you feel even hotter than the temperature outdoors.  

Make Up

Keep your makeup light and simple while you are Golfing ( No mater what the season is). Keep you makeup limited to light foundation, dab of powder and contouring. 

Light and Nude Lipstick and Bit of Mascara and Eyeshadow. 

Do not wear heavy makeup, Heavy Eye makeup( with long lashes etc). Do not over do your hair either. Avoid wearing Extensions when you plan to play golf.

The Best Ways to Prevent Your Makeup From Melting in while Golfing( if its a Sunny weather)

Reduce the amount of makeup you wear. So,  As the temperature rises, the weight of your cosmetic bag should decrease.

Instead of foundation, experiment with concealer. Experts recommend that you “spot hide” when you are in need to apply makeup and you will be outdoors for long time.

Choose Long-Lasting Products,  Instead of powdering too much , blot, Layer It On.,Prime your skin before applying makeup on .

Finally  Use A Setting Spray- this is awesome. You need it especially if you are going to stay outdoors play golf for long hours.

Hair do for Golfing:

Keep your hair Tied in a Ponytail ( if you have longer hair ) Or Messy but cute Bun will do too. 

If you have shorter hair keep it nicely brushed. Either way , before your golf trip you make sure that you wash your hair. 

Golfing with Long hair or semi long hair.

Well, Just stop caring about how your hair looks on the golf course, it’s not a fashion show. Can we? We ladies do care about how we look even on the Golf course.

Here are some quick tips for your hairdo for Golfing:

  • Put it into a ponytail. Nothing worse than having long hair and wearing a hat without it pulled back.
  • Or use a bandana. 
  • You can even wear a hat over that.
  • a tight bun with a visor might look nice. i don’t see how you could stand having your hair down golfing in the summer. as a lady, i absolutely have to tie it up or it’s too hot and gets in the way.
  • Speaking from experience here. I’ve had long hair for years and it is an issue while outdoors playing any sort of game including golf.

Fall is an amazing time of the year for golfing. The air gets a bit crisp, the colours become a true vision of wonder and joy. The golf courses are in pristine shape—and they are not crowded.

How to save money on women’s golf clothes

Golf apparel for women and men is sometimes more costly than it should be, simply because golfers tend to earn more money than the typical  Tom and Harry. 

You can appear like a winner without losing your shirt if you follow these dos and don’ts.

DON’T be afraid to be creative with your golf attire by mixing and matching items from your wardrobe. 

For further information, see “What to dress for golf if you don’t have golf gear” as a reference.

AVOID shopping during the peak season, which begins after the PGA Expo in late January and ends just as you’re getting your clubs tuned up. 

There is one notable exception, which we’ll discuss shortly, but in general, the months of August, September, and October provide the biggest discounts on last season’s products. 

Expert TIP:: Shop around in August to see what’s available, and then wait until the prices decrease to make a purchase.

Before or after your game, spend a few minutes perusing the “sale” racks at the golf course store (often referred to as “the pro shop”) to see what’s on sale. 

For women, many have increased their purchases and may now sell local products that aren’t available anywhere else. 

People know better than to put logos of golf courses on clothing made for ladies, unless the company is one you’d want to wear to brag about.

AVOID being swayed by advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Remember what I learned the hard way: It’s possible the images are stunning and the (almost always favourable) reviews inspire confidence. 

However, keep in mind that these are PAID ADVERTISEMENTS, sometimes from reputable organisations, but often from inexperienced individuals whose clothing will not fit well or seem as described in the photographs. 

Before placing a purchase, at the very least, confirm the return policy.

DON’T forget about secondhand stores while you’re out shopping. 

Non-golfer-owned consignment shops often undervalue high-end golf apparel. 

If you are shopping for holiday gifts, don’t forget to check out the member warehouse shops first. 

So, when you go to Costco, you’ll see lovely skirts for ladies and men, both for under $50 while supplies last. 

Many of these items, in my experience, don’t hold up well to repeated washings, so plan on using them for a single season. 

There is no need to stop shopping after the current season ends.


To compare prices, go to the brand’s website after finding a product you like at the PGA Superstore. And it’s the same the other way around.

Remember to factor in the cost of delivery when making an online purchase. In order to acquire the shipment for “free,” you will normally have to spend a particular amount of money.

DON’T be afraid to patronise businesses run by women. We like Lori’s Golf Shoppe and Christina Thompson’s Golf4Her for new and hard-to-find fashions, as well as plus sizes.

Of course, the “SALE” or “CLEARANCE” sections on the website are the greatest places to look for the best discounts. 

Most savvy customers know to go to the rear of the store while shopping.

Golf FAQs

What is the purpose of dress codes on golf courses?

When golf was initially played in Scotland in the 18th century, it was believed to be a game for the upper classes. 

The rules that were established at that time continue to serve as the foundation for the modern game. Dress regulations on golf courses are in place for a particular purpose.

The primary goal of a dress code is to ensure that both amateur and professional golfers adhere to the established traditions of the game of golf.

Certain golf clubs and golf courses have their own dress codes, despite the fact that there are some common principles to be observed by every golf club or golf course.

Is it permissible to play golf while wearing running shoes?

No, running shoes are typically not suggested since they do not comply with the dress code of the majority of golf clubs and golf courses in the United States. 

Furthermore, they do not provide enough foot support while walking for the long periods of time required for golf.

In addition, these shoes are not intended for use on the short-groomed grass of a golf course, as previously stated. 

Consequently, you may find yourself sliding or slipping by unintentionally, placing you at danger of harm. 

Running shoes are also known to become caught on a variety of surfaces, including clay, asphalt, and concrete.

Is it permissible to play golf while wearing a tennis skirt?

Yes, it is OK to wear a tennis skirt while golfing. Keep in mind, though, that tennis skirts are often rather short in length. 

It is necessary to put spandex or tights underneath them in such circumstances to avoid discomfort. Wearing a little longer skirt that just covers your knees is an other option

Women golfers are expected to dress in a collared shirt and non-denim slacks, shorts, or skirts, according to the rules of the game.

Women’s golf apparel is beginning to evolve in a more progressive direction. 

Women are wearing more skirts and skorts than they have in the past, and they are somewhat shorter than they were before.

However, there is still a threshold that should not be passed when it comes to wearing shorts that are too short. Golf dresses are becoming more popular, and for many female golfers, they are a comfortable and stylish choice to consider.

Golfers don’t all have to look boring and dated (LOL). The amount of latitude you have when it comes to what you may wear while golfing may surprise you.

It’s interesting to note that men and women have different clothing rules. What you may wear, though, will differ based on where you’re playing golf. 

Tournaments, as opposed to driving ranges, will have various regulations and dress etiquette.


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