What do ladies drink on the golf course?Top 10 Top Golf Drinks for ladies at the Golf Course

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The weather is finally getting better, and plans for summer golf outings are beginning to take shape in the minds of many.

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While playing golf in the summer, it’s very enjoyable since you may dress casually, the weather is pleasant, you can play late into the day, and you can have some ice cold alcoholic drinks while you’re at it.

But which ones are the most appropriate for your particular round?

Pink GIN 

The G&T (Gin and Tonic) is a time-honoured classic that can be found in golf clubs all over the world, and with good reason.

Pink Gin, on the other hand, is a refined take on a collection of classic ingredients that golfers have long admired and enjoyed.

During the middle of the nineteenth century, pink gin drinks were popular in England.

They are created with Plymouth gin and a dash of Angostura bitters, which is a dark crimson bitters that gives the cocktail a pinkish hue when mixed with ice. Lemon rind is also often used as a garnish in a variety of dishes.

If you’re caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron.”

-Lee Trevino.

If you’re searching for a craft beer that will almost certainly be available on most beverage carts, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale ($18 for a 12-pack) is a good option to consider. An excellent choice for any season of the year because it is well-balanced. 

Grab this when you’re in the mood for a hoppy-yet-smooth craft beer that you can rely on to deliver.


Kummel is a caraway-flavored liqueur that was initially produced throughout the Baltic region in the nineteenth century, but is most closely identified with Germany and the historical Duchy of Prussia.

It’s very popular among the best Scottish golf clubs where it’s played. Kummel consumption in Scotland is concentrated at three golf clubs: Prestwick Golf Club, Muirfield (home of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers), and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club (The R&A) (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews).

The strong and syrupy silver spirit, also known as “putting mixture,” is said to ease tensions and relax stomachs, making it an excellent beverage for golfers to consume before hitting the course.

For those who are experiencing first-tee anxiety, there is no more iconic golfing drink than the caraway-flavored liqueur associated with the Baltic and German golfing traditions.

It is referred to as “putting mixture” at many old British clubs, and it is quite popular… 

This unusual liquid, which has semi-mystical powers, has been responsible for a number of unexpected and interesting rounds of golf over the years — including one in which the golfer was hit by a lightning bolt. It has the potential to be a true “game changer.”

We’re on track, indeed!!

Making a plan for your on-course beverages may help you concentrate and, if done correctly, can even turn a poor day around.

If you’re not playing well, you might be dehydrating yourself, therefore it’s critical to replenish the fluids you’ve lost while grinding out the first three holes.

.”Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.”

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Icy cold Twisted TEA

Nothing surpasses an icy cold Twisted Tea on a hot August afternoon when made with malt liquor, which is a particular favourite. They have a fantastic flavour and contain the same amount of alcohol as a beer. 

The variety of flavours available for malt liquor is comparable to the variety of flavours available for jelly beans. There is something for everyone’s taste buds, and they are small enough to slip into your bag without being too bulky. 

These beverages may cause you to be teased by the older members for being “Girly drinks,” but hey, they taste delicious, so who cares?

The finest birdie juice is inexpensive and simple to consume, and this pink lemonade vodka meets all of these criteria. 

Pink Whitney ($14 for 750ml) not only has a refreshing flavour, but it also mixes nicely with almost everything, making it a fantastic summer cocktail. 

Grab a bottle and experiment with different flavours to find your favourite. Despite the fact that I never drank on the job, this is the one shot I’d be prepared to take if the situation demanded it.


On a hot summer day, this non-alcoholic beverage is ideal for soothing your thirst after a round of golf.

A Gunner is a cocktail created with Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale, lime, and bitters that has a powerful, harsh flavour. It is served in a shot glass. The fizz and ginger provide a good counterpoint to the citrous, resulting in a pleasant settling drink.

This article contains seven traditional golf cocktails that will satisfy your thirst and raise your spirits on the 19th hole.

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Light beer: 

A good chilled light beer is usually a welcome refreshment after a long day at the office. The great thing about light beers is that they are typically packaged in cans, making them incredibly convenient to transport (or smuggle into) golf courses. 

The alcohol content of light beers is rather low, making them a smart choice if you’re playing for a prise and trying not to lose money at the same time. You may have a few casuals while also getting a lovely little buzz at the same time. 

These are especially good on hot days when you can’t stand the thought of sipping a hefty IPA.

I would recommend Allagash White to anyone who enjoys Blue Moon, Shock Top, or Bell’s Oberon, based on my tasting notes. 

This Belgian-Style wheat ale ($11 for a 4-pack) is a top option on Drizly for a reason: it’s refreshingly light and delicious while being a top pick on the site. 

This beer is excellent all year long and is quickly becoming a must-have on the course.

Arnold Palmer

In terms of non-alcoholic golfing cocktails, it’s arguably the most well-known, and it may be sipped at any time during the day’s golfing activities. 

However, we’ve included it at this point since it’s a terrific way to get some healthy hydration and a little sugar in before heading out on the fairways to compete.

Named after the legendary Arnold Palmer, this drink consists of three parts unsweetened iced tea to one part lemonade, and it is rather tasty.

You could even throw in a cheeky shot of vodka to make it a bit more multi-purpose, though we don’t recommend doing so.


On a chilly day, the Whisky-Mac is a great alternative to Bovril and Sherry. It provides a true warming effect.

You may mix it up with Scotch whisky and green ginger wine to make a tasty cocktail for your Golf Hip Flask.

Fishers Island Lemonade

We recently found Fishers Island Lemonade, and we’re pleased to have done so. In addition to its famed lemonade, the American brand offers a wide variety of other delightful beverages.

Bronya Shillo’s family-owned and maintained The Pequot Inn, a popular seafood restaurant on Fishers Island, New York, where the original recipe for Fishers Island Lemonade was based on the house beverage. A list of available flavours and retailers may be seen below.

Cocktails in a can

In addition to being a terrific choice out on the course, canned beverages are also a hit with your cart lady. Even though there is no mixing or mess on the cart, you may still enjoy an ice-cold cocktail. Find your favourite from Cutwater’s extensive selection, and give them a try the next time you hit the links.

The finest birdie juice is inexpensive and simple to consume, and this pink lemonade vodka meets all of these criteria. Pink Whitney ($14 for 750ml) not only has a refreshing flavour, but it also mixes nicely with almost everything, making it a fantastic summer cocktail. 

Grab a bottle and experiment with different flavours to find your favourite. Despite the fact that I never drank on the job, this is the one shot I’d be prepared to take if the situation demanded it.


Transfusions and golf have always been a classic pairing. For years, this mid-round pick-me-up has been assisting golfers in loosening up their swing. 

This ready-to-drink cocktail from Links Drinks ($16 for a 4-pack) is a wonderful alternative if you can’t get your hands on one that has been freshly made. 

Getting a second cup when you’re drinking them in the summer will provide you with a little more insulation and will prevent the ice from melting too soon.

High Noon Sun Sip

The buzz around the High Noon Sun Sips is well-deserved. These pre-mixed hard seltzers ($11 for a four-pack) are blended with vodka, fruit juice, and sparkling water, and are a great way to cool down after a heated round. 

My personal favourite is the Apple, but all of the tastes are wonderfully delicious.

Two-Hearted Bell

Everyone has varied likes and perspectives when it comes to IPA choices. Bell’s Two Hearted, on the other hand, is a sure bet ($10 for a 4-pack). 

This beer has it all: hops, malt, and a hint of fruitiness to balance things out. 

This IPA is a good choice because it’s light and refreshing, so you won’t feel bogged down while playing.

The first thing golf teaches is humility, the second; empathy, and the third patience.”

Bourbon is a very normal alcoholic beverage to have while out on the golf course. After making a birdie, most golfers take a brief swig of their beverage or enjoy it with their cigar. 

In addition, it is useful on chilly days when you require an extra layer of protection from the elements to keep you warm.

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