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7 cool Tips for college students to play golf on budget

We’ve all heard how expensive golf can be. It’s perceived as a sport for the wealthy, and I don’t blame them.

At local sporting goods stores, they see drivers for $450-550 or more and golf balls for $50 a dozen. Its almost very hard for students to play the game if they want unless they are well-off.

They’ve heard of rounds costing more than $100 at better courses, and they’re aware that their good friend Bob  paid a $10,000 initiation fee to become a member of Insanely Expensive Golf Club.

This article will go over every tip known to man for saving money while playing golf as frequently as possible.

That being said, thank you for reading, and please leave a comment below with your favourite tip. Is there one I’m overlooking? 

Please let me know in the comments section so I can add it to the list!

7 cool Tips for college students to play golf on budget

Tip #1Buy Refurbished/ Recycled GOLF BALLS.

Do not purchase brand new, top-of-the-line golf balls. You’re going to hit them in the water sooner or later.

For a fraction of the price, there are lots of balls that perform similarly to the top balls on the market.

If you’re on a budget, check out my article on the greatest value golf ball. Amazon is a great place to shop for used golf balls.

The finest places to shop for the best brand names at the best prices.

New Golf clubs and premium Golf balls are expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Knowing you’ll need more than one doesn’t help the matter. 

Refurbished or recycled golf-ball websites are another method to purchase good balls at a low price.

Nothing beats a box of high-quality premium golf balls. There can be a visible difference, especially if you’re an excellent player. However, you can purchase and rescue old balls from websites like golfballplanet.com

Tip # 2 Join Collage Golf Classes

Many Unis offer Golf classes for a lesser price suitable for students. Find out if your college/Uni has one.

Below are some helpful points to consider on making contact with college coaches.

  1. Contact coaches via phone, email, or letter before/during your high school years. Inform them of your desire to join their team once you graduate and ask the coach to follow your progress. Give coaches updates periodically, especially after any outstanding performances.
  2. Letter of Interest
     – Introduce yourself; include a brief personal history and your desire to attend the college.
  3. Golf Resume
     – Include goals in college, golf accomplishments, upcoming schedule, school accomplishments, and other interests.
  4. Video
     – Short and simple video (5 minutes) including full swings with Driver, long iron, short iron, some short wedge shots, bunker shots and holing some putts.
  5. Follow Up/Thank You Letter


This is by far the most useful golf money-saving tip. Most golf courses provide heavily discounted or even free golf to their employees.

My neighbour’s daughter worked at golf courses in high school and college, for this reason, she gets to play golf for Free!! How cool is that Eh?

Employees frequently get free golf, even if they only work eight hours a week. If you have some spare time and are looking for something to do with it, we can’t think of a better way to spend it than volunteering at a local course, earning some money, and receiving cheap tee fees.

If there’s a country club you can get on at that’s the best option.

If you get to know the members and develop some relationships you’ll eventually start to get invites to play from time to time and it makes work more enjoyable.

If this is a route you’re interested in I would suggest going for cart services or a bartender so you can beef up your income with tips. If you work hard and show initiative there are some added bonuses too.

My Neighbour’s daughter has received a handful of free, 20-30 minute lessons from the pro, just to work on something specific like hitting on uneven lies or bunker shits and they’ll teach you how to re-grip clubs, cut down shafts etc.

Tip #4 Purchase Discounted Clothes

Some golfers dress to impress, but if you’re on a budget, you’re probably not concerned with what you’re wearing as long as you can play the game. Golfers should dress appropriately, with a tucked-in collared t-shirt and golf shoes.

Wait until the colder months. The months of October to January ( May-August in Australia) are ideal for shopping for a new golf outfit.

Many shops and establishments are eager to clear out their spring and summer inventory before the arrival of the new season’s goods. Even if you don’t have the most fashionable clothes, you can still update and save money.

Tip #5 Get Used Clubs

New Golf clubs are expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Knowing you’ll need more than one doesn’t help the matter. What does help matters are second-hand golf club sites?

There is a sizable used market, similar to that of automobiles. Unlike automobiles, most golfers are unaware of it.

Sites like 3balls.com sell top-of-the-line golf equipment for a fraction of the original price. Also, if you have any old clubs that you no longer desire, you may trade them in to reduce the amount of money you have to spend on the purchase.

Tip #6 Look around for the most affordable annual club membership.

This piece of advice is crucial. If you only read ONE of these suggestions (wow, you didn’t read the other 49? ), make it this one. 

The most expensive aspect of golf is the rounds that you play.

You must visit or phone every golf course in town to find out exactly what annual memberships are available.

If you can locate memberships that don’t require an initiation charge, you should take advantage of them.

Make sure you don’t cut corners by joining the cheapest club in your city, as the membership fees may not be worth it. 

If you don’t enjoy playing at your club, you’ve chosen the incorrect one. 

That would be a complete waste of time and would most likely turn you off golf for the rest of the year.

Make sure you consider all of the fees that will be included, as well as the members that you will be working with.

Tip #7 Keep your clubs clean to extend their life.

Clubs rust and become filthy. Grooves deteriorate. Grips become slick and worn over time.

If you take care of your clubs by giving them thorough cleanings on a regular basis, they will last much longer. Given that golf equipment is the second most expensive item in the game (after rounds/memberships), you should take good care of it.

On a monthly basis, you need to wash your golf grips with soap and water and dry them off with a towel. This will keep them feeling like new. 

While you are at it, get a good value retractable club brush (or just use a damp towel) to wipe off all of the dirt from your clubs as often as possible.


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