Should You Warm Up Before Playing Golf?-Tips to do it better

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First thing first, congratulations on your decision to learn to play golf! It gives women a sense of empowerment to witness interest in a sport that has traditionally been controlled by males.

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A lot of guts, grit, and motivation are required to prove oneself on the golf field (and in most cases, in life).

Golf not only improves your life skills, but it’s also a fantastic way to spend your day outside in the fresh air and get some excellent exercise.

I started playing golf when I was in my late Twenties ( like around 27). It was indeed a bit long learning Journey. Golf, on the other hand, can put you to the test in terms of endurance, patience, and determination.

If you’ve never played golf before, you may be intimidated or eager to take on the sport’s difficulties. 

Regardless, I’m here to help you get started in the game of golf by offering some advice for ladies who are new to the sport.

One of the questions I had, when I started Golfing, was Should I Warm Up Before Playing Golf? if so how much and what should I do?

In your hurry to get started, it’s easy to overlook a golf warm-up. A simple stretch is a good place to start, but warming up entails much more than extending your arms and legs for 30 seconds. 

You may be a beginner and not  a professional, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your body like one. 

Yes! Warming up properly is an excellent method to keep your muscles fluid and prepare your body for your golf game.The pros mostly spend time going through golf warm-up routines meant to help them play their best game and remain competitive.  Let’s go through some of the advantages of warm-up activities and how to apply them into your golf game!

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What Is the Difference Between Stretching and Warming Up ?

A short stretch is never a bad idea. Stretching is a fantastic way to loosen up your muscles and reduce stress in your body. 

It improves your range of motion and feels fantastic when done correctly. It’s crucial to remember, though, that stretching is not the same as a full golf warm-up. 

Touching your toes, completing trunk twists, and stretching your arms to the sky are all excellent golf warm-up exercises to add into your regimen, but they should not be the only ones.

A warm-up for golf differs from stretching in that the purpose of a warm-up is to raise your heart rate. This entails moving your body faster than stretching. 

A brisk walk followed by jumping jacks is an excellent technique to raise your heart rate and get blood flowing to your muscles. 

After you’ve completed these exercises, you may move on to stretching and activities like lunges and squats.

Why Do Professionals Warm Up Before Hitting the Golf Course

Jordan Speith, Nelly Korda, and Hyo Joo Kim all warm up for golf using a particular regimen that prepares their bodies and minds for action. 

It’s an opportunity for them to concentrate on their game and get their minds in the correct frame of mind. The pros understand the importance of golf warm-up activities in avoiding injury and playing their best game. 

A proper warm-up regimen is essential for a good round of golf.

Warming up for golf isn’t only for professionals. 

The nice thing about warm-up activities is that they can be done by anybody and can be tailored to your age and fitness level.

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How Warming Up Can Improve Your Golf Game

Warm-ups are beneficial to both your mental and physical health, but let’s face it: for many of us, the major incentive is to enhance our games! 

A golf warm-up may help you improve your game in a variety of ways. It helps you loosen up and release tension in your shoulders, hips, and core––all of which are important in directing your golf game.

You’re setting yourself up for success when you make time to do your golf warm-up activities. 

Your glutes, hamstrings, and calves play an important role in maintaining your hips straight and, ultimately, directing your swing. 

So, if you put in the time and effort to maintain them strong and warm these muscle groups up before hitting the greens, you’ll see an improvement in your score.

Why Warming Up Before Golf Is Beneficial to Your Body and Overall Health

Golf Warm-Up Routines I Love

Warming up for golf isn’t just for when you’re on the green. 

Overall, it offers several health advantages. 

You can take golf warm-up activities and apply them to any aspect of your life, whether you’re performing a warm-up before hitting the gym, playing basketball, or hitting the yoga mat. 

Your body needs time to warm up since going from inactive to active too fast might trigger a muscular strain or other damage. 

Because our lifestyles are growing more sedentary, you should take the time to warm up before beginning to move your body vigorously.

The advantages of warming up are numerous. Warming up before exercise will get your heart rate up and ready to take on everything you throw at it, from improving flexibility to psychologically preparing you for physical action. 

In addition, you may integrate a range of exercises and stretches into your regular outdoor or indoor workout regimen to make your body feel better and promote fitness.

When it comes to golf warm-ups, it’s better to stick to a pattern. You may undertake a variety of warm-up activities to assist you enhance your game and decrease discomfort. 

Here are some of our favourite exercises and routines to do before you hit the course!

Keep it Simple:

  • 5 forwards and backwards little arm circles
  • 5 Twists on Both Sides of the Trunk
  • 5 rounds of jumping jacks
  • 5 Leg Swings on Each Side
  • Jog for 30 seconds in position.

Attempt a Little More Difficulty:

  • Forward and backwards 10 large arm circles
  • ten jump jacks
  • ten squats
  • Squat Jumps 10
  • Jog for 60 seconds in position.
  • Make sure to include a few practise swings as well!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, taking care of your body and warming up may help you make the most of your tee time. 

Plan an extra fifteen minutes for a golf warm-up and focus on what you need to accomplish and how you can get the most out of this game. 

Simple golf warm-up activities may appear time-consuming at first, but your game and body will reward you in the end. 

So, choose the regimen that works best for you and continue to enjoy the wonderful game of golf.

Most, if not all, of the world’s best golfers take satisfaction in doing a rigors warm-up regimen before hitting the course. 

A golf warm-up is a genuine science – a few practise swings just don’t cut it anymore, especially if you only go on the course a few times a month and want to be at your best. Here are some of the finest golf warm-up exercises to get you started.

Brisk walk

Let’s face the reality: if you’re walking between 18 holes, you should probably give your legs a light exercise. Walk around the parking lot or a calm section of the course for three to five minutes, then it’s time to…

Pelvic Tilting

Even if it isn’t discussed as much as wrist control, pelvic control is essential for achieving excellent distance on your swing. Standing pelvic tilts assist to develop your abdominal muscles while also stabilising your lower back. Here’s how you do it….

Exhale while folding your arms in front of your chest and pushing your belly button towards your spine. Slowly tuck your tailbone beneath your pelvis and hold for three seconds. 

Return to the starting posture, inhale, and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Work on your swing!

When you take a shot, many elements come into play, including the weather and topography.

Practising your shots can help you determine how far your shots will fly, where the ball will land, and how far it will roll. When you’ve finished that, it’s time to stretch! We propose the following golf warm-up exercises, beginning with upper body activities.

Rotation of trunk

If you want to improve your upswing and follow-through, try the supine trunk-rotation stretch. This exercise is easiest to execute standing, but it may also be done laying down.

Begin by wrapping your arms lengthwise over your back, then rotate your trunk and head to the left until you feel a stretch. Hold this posture for 20 to 30 seconds before continuing on the opposite side.

If you want to try something different, there are many more rotation stretches that can improve your flexibility, coordination, and strength.

Wrist lengthening

Your wrists must be able to extend or bend backwards to create a powerful downswing and backswing. Any restrictions in your wrist extension can impair your control of the golf club and may result in significant injury.

As a result, wrist extension exercises are perfect for increasing forearm strength, enhancing control of the golf club when playing from the rough, increasing consistency, and protecting you from injury.

Hold your arm straight out in front of you, palm down, and slowly bend your arm backwards for 20 seconds with the opposite hand. Rep this exercise two or three times before switching sides. In no time, you’ll be swinging like Rory McIlroy! (Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that you will reach his level right immediately.)

Standing hip flexor stretch

Now we’ll move on to the lower body movements, and the standing hip stretch has long been a favourite warm-up activity among golfers all around the world.

Begin with balancing your hands on a golf club. Put your right ankle on the outside of your left knee. Bend your left leg and inhale while leaning back as if sitting in a chair.

Squeeze the shoulder blades together and bring the chest towards the shin. Hold this posture for three breaths, then repeat five times on the other side.


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