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Your Outdoor FIZZ is here to help make your Outdoor fun, adventure more approachable for everyone.

It might be overwhelming to walk into a pro shop and see everyone looking at different pieces of Gears & equipment as if they have been doing it on a daily basis for the past  decade.

It is not easy to walk up to a stranger and solicit their opinion or advise.

Helping individuals overcome their anxiety and getting them involved in sports is something that is very important to us.

How we work

Every recommendation we make is accompanied by our objective viewpoint. 

We do not use sponsored material nor do we charge for reviews. Instead, we look at the many possibilities. 

Examine what the opinions of others are. And base our purchase decisions on the many years of Everything Outdoor we have  seen and have seen people using them.

Then, after determining whether or not it lives up to our expectations, we will relay it to you.

Why you should put your TRUST in us when It comes to Product reviews?.

If you see us endorsing a product here at OutdoorFIZZ, you can be certain that it is something that we would use ourselves while we are  Outdoors  Or we have spoken to someone that used it or we have seen a lots of Good reviews online. 

We will not propose a product to you if we do not feel that using it would increase your chances of successfully  having Outdoor fun & Adventure.

Yes, you read it correctly; we are actual individuals that like fishing, running, sledding or ParaGliding or even Golfing just as much as everyone else. 

Our articles are intended to be clear and brief while yet include relevant information. 

Each Product Review Blog focuses on a different facet of the Outdoor Sports or Adventure  expertise that we have amassed over the course of our work. 

Our goal is to impart such information upon you in the most precise and productive manner possible.

Affiliate Disclaimer: There are instances in which we do provide affiliate links. If you click on one of these links and end up making a purchase, there will be no difference to the price that you pay, but we will receive a small commission on the amount that you spend. 

Therefore, it will not have any impact on you, but it will assist us in maintaining our operations, so to say. 

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Why should you trust us with our Reviews.

Adam B. is the leader of a team of competent testers that compiled this review. 

On the weekends, Adam B spends his time wandering the streets of Melbourne and Sydney. 

He often wears a GPS watch and has been on several important trips, both alone and with his family. He is well-versed in navigation.

Testing crew members include Suz M. Suz is an outdoor educator who loves to spend as much time as possible in the wilderness. 

Trail running and fast-packing are her favourite ways to push the boundaries of her endurance. While trail running, swimming open water, mountain biking, and skiing in the backcountry, she always has a GPS watch on her person.

Before making a selection, we spend hours looking over the greatest options available and completing extensive research. 

A handful of the best products on the market are purchased and put through their paces in our lab. 

After days of jogging, skiing, sledding, Golfing , climbing, and bicycling, we evaluate the features, accuracy, and utility of items to give you our recommendations on what’s best.

 It is an honour for us to offer our suggestions and help you find the finest GPS watch for your needs & requirements

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