Minimum age for helicopter ride

Is there, in fact, a minimum age requirement in Australia, the US , France , Canada and the UK?

The fact is that the majority of helicopter trips have no age limitations.

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However, before arranging the costly ride, you should speak with the service providers to ensure that you can bring your bundle of joy along for the ride.

Most helicopter operators worldwide allow passengers of all ages to take a helicopter flight; however, this is not always the case, as I will explain.

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In Australia, there is no minimum age requirement for helicopter tourism rides. 

Because the age of the child that allowed in is determined by the helicopter  company in use, taking a ride in a piston-powered model is limited.

Over the age of two, children will be charged adult prices. Babies under the age of 24 months are admitted FREE – a doors-off policy permits for children as old as 12 years.

So, There isn’t typically a minimum age set by law for a passenger on a helicopter ride in many countries. Instead, the policy is usually set by the individual helicopter tour or charter company based on safety considerations.

Most helicopter companies will allow children of any age to ride, but there can be stipulations. For instance, children under a certain age might need to ride with an adult.

Some companies also have a minimum height requirement rather than a minimum age requirement, to ensure that the seat belts can be worn properly.

However, please note that these rules can vary significantly by company and by country. Always check with the specific helicopter company to get the most accurate information.

Helicopter ride age limit

Here’s a general guideline for Countries.

CountryGeneral Age GuidelineOther Notes
USNo legal minimum (typically), depends on the companyOften based on height or weight
UKNo legal minimum (typically), depends on the companyOften based on height or weight
AustraliaNo legal minimum (typically), depends on the companyOften based on height or weight
CanadaNo legal minimum (typically), depends on the companyOften based on height or weight
FranceNo legal minimum (typically), depends on the companyOften based on height or weight
Minimum age for heli rides

As always, for the most accurate information, please contact the specific helicopter company in the country you’re interested in.

Can babies ( Under 2 years) go on helicopter rides?

Infants, toddlers, and children of all ages can ride securely in a helicopter or light aeroplane as long as they are restrained by seat belts.

Car seats can be safely fastened to the majority of aircraft, and infants under the age of two may lawfully be carried on the lap of an adult.

Children under the age of two may lawfully be carried on an adult’s lap in any aeroplane as long as no doors are removed and the flight is conducted in an enclosed cabin.

The most secure method is to strap their car seat into the helicopter or aeroplane and then cover their ears with child-sized ear defenders.

When it comes to infants riding on board, helicopters and small aeroplanes are subject to the same FAA requirements as major commercial airliners.

Seatbelts and seat systems for aeroplanes and helicopters are regulated similarly.

This eliminates a great deal of duplication in the regulations, which makes them easier to follow.

If you’re worried that your toddler or young child won’t be able to join you on an upcoming helicopter ride, there’s only one thing you can do.

Simply fly with a helicopter ride operator who will allow a ‘no minimum age’ rule, so that everyone is welcome and there are no restrictions.

When taking a helicopter ride in Australia it’s pretty safe to say that most services welcome people of all ages.

 Few Suggestions from a Parent Pilot

As a helicopter pilot and a parent,  “Parent Pilots” can offer guidance from both perspectives.  You would never consider transporting  your own children in ANY vehicle if  you  were aware of its dangers. 

As a result, here are a few techniques and tricks Parent Pilots have  discovered and seen employed over the course of my many years as both:

  • Attempt to keep the infant asleep prior to and during the travel – The aircraft’s vibrations and the continual hum of the engine/s usually put children to sleep pretty easily.
  • Cover the top of the vehicle seat with a blanket to keep them warm. This, too, will aid in their sleep.
  • Ascertain that they have a soother. This will assist them in remaining relaxed and balancing any pressure that builds up in their ears throughout the aircraft’s ascent and descent.

Helicopter ride for 3 Year old

Embarking on a helicopter ride with your 3-year-old can be a magical adventure, presenting an exhilarating perspective of the world.

Before you soar, it’s crucial to check company-specific rules, as these vary. Many operators accept young children, prioritizing safety with suitable harnesses and adult accompaniment.

Preparation is key – explain the journey to your child, bring noise-cancelling headphones to protect delicate ears, and pick the right time for their comfort.

Always opt for reputed companies Prioritizing safety above all. A helicopter ride for a 3-year-old can become an unforgettable experience, sparking their curiosity and love for exploration.

Can 2+ year old go on a helicopter for free?

Nope.  The rides for children cost money. They don’t go free. However, the price is comparatively less than the Adult price. 

For Instance,  IN Heli Adventures The adult price is AUD 175  and the child ride costs AUD 155.

Are helicopters too loud for babies?

Helicopters can indeed be quite loud, and this noise level may potentially be harmful to a baby’s sensitive hearing. For this reason, many helicopter tour operators will recommend or even require the use of noise-cancelling headphones or ear protection for young children and infants.

It’s important to consult with a pediatrician or a medical professional before taking a baby on a helicopter ride, as they can provide advice specific to your child’s situation. They might suggest appropriate ear protection or discuss whether the noise and vibrations from a helicopter might be too distressing for your baby.

Always remember, safety should be your top priority when considering such activities. Check with the specific helicopter company for their policies regarding babies and ensure that you are taking all necessary precautions to protect your child’s health and well-being.

Can a 4 year old go on a helicopter ride and Can a 2 year old go on a helicopter ride?

Yes, typically, both a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old can go on a helicopter ride. However, it’s important to note that specific rules and regulations vary by helicopter tour or charter company.

Many companies allow young children on their flights, provided that safety measures are strictly adhered to. This usually means that the child must be able to wear a seatbelt or harness securely, and often that they are accompanied by an adult.

Some companies may also require the use of noise-cancelling headphones for young children to protect their ears.

It’s also important to consider the comfort and tolerance of your child for such experiences. Some kids might find the noise, vibration, and sensation of a helicopter ride to be unsettling.

Always check with the specific company you’re considering to ensure they can accommodate young children and to understand any specific rules they may have. Safety should always be the top priority when considering such activities.

Doors Off requirement

Many Helicopter Operators including AERIAL CLICK SYDNEY allows doors off flying Opportunity. 

This is your opportunity to fly doors off, camera & smartphone in hand over one of the world’s most photogenic cities, Sydney. 

You will learn techniques, strategies, and secrets from the pilots as they guide you and your lens to new heights when you fly with this company chopper.

I’ve looked at many helicopter companies who operate doors-off service, with all saying the same thing – you must be 12 years or older to fly doors off.

Do Helicopters get airsick for small kids?

Many people( Including kids) experience air-sickness when flying in a helicopter during takeoff, landing, and rapid altitude changes.

With takeoff and landing sometimes mimicking a roller coaster ride, and with more vibrations and turbulence than in an aircraft, it’s not surprising that those prone to motion sickness can become very ill very quickly in helicopters. 

And in such a small place, if one person becomes ill, it may quickly set off a chain reaction.

 Taking an over-the-counter motion sickness medication before your flight may not be a good idea because it may cause drowsiness. If you take a tour, you may miss out on some beautiful sights. 

Pro tip:

Keep a bottle of water and a sickness bag with you If you are taking small kids with you. 

Chew on peppermints or other candies or take regular sips from a bottle of water. This is especially beneficial during take-off and landing.

Once on board, attempt to unwind in your  and your Kid’s seat. Stiffening your body is likely to cause dizziness. 

Move your head as little as possible and keep your gaze fixed on the horizon (avoid looking down if you feel nauseated!). 

Breathe slowly and evenly, without holding your breath or taking sharp intakes of air.

If you  or your child are sensitive to noise, the propellers may be a concern. While you may be provided with noise-canceling headphones, it’s a good idea to bring your own ear plugs.

Finally, be optimistic. Numerous passengers claim that there is so much to see on magnificently picturesque flights that they never consider becoming ill.

Wrapping up

If you want to bring your child along on a helicopter ride, use large tourism helicopter services.They fly the type of helicopter that has no age or weight restrictions, so anyone, including toddlers and babies, can fly.

However, the minimum age requirement will vary greatly depending on the helicopter in use and the operator’s own rules, so please contact them to confirm their policy.

If you are surprising a child on their first helicopter flight, you do not need to book more than one ticket.

Unaccompanied minors are allowed to fly if they are 18 years old or younger, according to frequently stated rules.

This saves you money because only one booking is required. It is not a requirement for all operators, but they will require written consent.

A child under the age of two is considered a lap child and is entitled to free admission; however, if the child is two years old or older, he or she must pay the full adult fare.

Children may want to experience “doors-off” helicopter rides, so they must be at least 18 years old in most cases.


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