Is Mini Golf a good first date

Is mini golf a good first date ?

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In what ways does the perfect first date differ from the rest of your life? 

There is a blend of enjoyment, Challenges and an opportunity to kiss at the conclusion for most couples. 

Mini-golf, therefore, looks to be the perfect venue for the first date. If you’re looking for a date-worthy activity, this is a great choice.

Playing mini golf doesn’t have to be done in a typical way. It’s not entrenched in tradition or decorum, unlike its more serious, full-scale cousin. 

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If they don’t harm the course, young couples can do pretty much everything they want.

For a first date, a setting like this is excellent. There’s a fine line between being a worthy spouse AND having fun.

Well, we have been there done that!! We have listed 5 Reasons why Mini Golf is the perfect venue for your  first date. Read on…

Relations are all about Team work

One of the most crucial cornerstones of every relationship is teamwork. 

Any task that a couple does together necessitates collaboration. Mini golf is a wonderful way to see if you and your date will make a solid team in the future. If one of you can’t play nice now, the end game will be a disaster.

Laughs & Fun time

It’s probably not going to work out if your date can’t make you giggle at least once while playing mini-golf. 

You’ll never run out of things to laugh at, whether it’s missing an easy putt, striking the ball so hard that it flies off the course, or making jokes about the obstacles.

Is Mini Golf Fun to play ?

I think it depends on your concept of “fun,” your overall attitude, as well as how well a mini-golf course is maintained.

Are you amused by situations that are only slightly difficult? 

Your eye-hand coordination is at least mediocre. Competent yet not easily frustrated, are you able to maintain your cool under pressure?

As a result, the game demands a certain level of coordination, dexterity and spatial reasoning on the part of the player in order to be successful.

Finding Activity

While playing mini-golf, you might get a good idea of what things you and your partner like doing together. 

As a result, you and your date may find that sports are ideal date ideas for you both. You might not be a fan of mini golf. 

Try to limit your physical activity to watching movies or creating pillow forts instead.

Some of the Creative way to Enjoy Mini Golf:

When you want to have fun, no idea is too crazy.

Here’s how you can get creative with our 18-hole mini golf course.

  • Hole 2: Introduce some competition by dividing your group into teams of two. Pair a man and woman together for more fun. Let them take turns.
  • Hole 6: Raise the challenge bar. Play this hole with your left hand if you are right-handed and vice-versa.
  • Hole 7: Turn around, face backward and putt the ball through your legs.
  • Hole 8: Try sideways soccer. Turn to your left or right and tap the ball in with the side of your foot. One chance only!
  • Hole 9: Hold the club like a pool cue and guide it in.
  • Hole 11: Change it up again! Blow the ball in the hole. You get 5 chances to put it in.
  • Hole 14: Show some control! Putt the ball as close to the hole without putting it in. Two strokes only. The closest one wins. Deduct points if the ball goes in the hole.
  • Hole 15: Putt the ball in with your hand. Don’t use the club!
  • Hole 17: Chose one of your favourite crazy ways to play the hole and do it again. 


Almost all couples have a tendency to be competitive with one another. 

When you’re playing mini golf with your friends, you may test each other’s competitiveness and have some fun with each other. 

It’s also possible to avert future disagreements by slightly pressing each other’s buttons during the game.


The purpose of first dates is to get to know each other. 

Mini golf offers an open environment that is neither too loud (as at a concert) nor too quiet (as in a movie), and where discussions are not frequently interrupted (a restaurant). 

If the discussion flow is good, there is no need to be concerned about being interrupted because you may speak while placing. 

And if the pace is slow, the game of mini golf itself is an excellent way to start a conversation.

First dates can put your emotions to the test. It is critical to be ready for anything and everything!

You will most likely feel excited, nervous, stressed, and elated. 

However, deciding where to go or what to eat can be as daunting as being asked out on a date in the first place. So I’m chiming in to alleviate those first-date nerves.

Dating can be stressful, but selecting the right date night/day activity does not have to be. Which brings me to the reason why mini golf is the ideal first date!

A nice round of mini golf does something for my soul, just like it does for everyone else I know. It’s a simple yet intricate game that needs skill, patience, and a great deal of luck. 

When it came to choosing a first date concept with my now-hubby, mini golf seemed like a safe bet. We had no idea it would help deepen our bond and become one of our favourite activities.

What do you wear for Golf Night out with your date ?

When it comes to your first time out with someone, a mini-golf date is ideal since it is very informal and allows you to relax and giggle a little bit.

The ideal clothing for a mini-golf date is the same as it is for any other kind of date: light and breezy, casual, and something you don’t have to think too much about. 

Dress in a way that allows you to walk about and bend down comfortably without having to worry about your buttocks showing all night.

  • Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident.
  • When in Doubt, Wear Red or Black.
  • Avoid Wearing Orange and Brown.
  • Wear Something Comfortable and Practical.
  • Show Off Your Neck Instead of Your Chest.

How to make Mini Golf a little more romantic:

First dates can put your emotions to the test. It is critical to be ready for anything and everything!

So, you have decided to take your date to a Mini-golf and wondering how can you make it a little more romantic?

  • Allow him to Take your Pics  playing
  • Tell Him He is  doing well.
  • keep it less Competitive: More Fun
  • Take around on the Golf cart
  • Take a walk on the Golf course
  • Get his Help to Learn to swing

Mini golf games that are entertaining to play on a first date

What are the essential elements of a successful first date? Most couples will tell you that it’s a mix of fun, challenge, and chances for a cheeky kiss at the end of the night. 

Mini-golf, on the other hand, seems to be the ideal solution.

 It has everything you could ask for in a date-worthy activity and then some.

The wonderful thing about mini golf is that you are not required to play it in the conventional manner. 

The differences between it and its more serious, full-scale cousin are that it is not entrenched in traditions or proper manners. 

Young couples are free to do anything they want as long as they don’t interfere with the course’s operation.

Having a setting like this is great for a first date. 

While attempting to romance someone, you should demonstrate to them that you are both a worthy partner and a pleasant companion. 

In the eyes of many, having a good time is the ultimate objective. Everything else is just a means to a greater goal.

So, what kinds of innovative mini golf games can you play on a first date to increase the likelihood of a second date? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Use your golf clubs as pool cues instead of putting them in the water.

Why does it matter whether you hit your golf ball with the club end of your golf clubs? You won’t find this in the mini-golf regulation book, that’s for certain!

Nothing prevents you from using your club as a pool cue and placing the ball with the end of the handle on the end of the handle. 

Nothing more complicated than laying down on your front behind the ball, creating a bridge with your fingers, and slamming it in the desired direction.

Who knows, you may find yourself being more precise with your putter than you are with your club!

Make a hole in the ground that is facing backwards.

There are no rules when it comes to falling in love. So why shouldn’t the same logic be used on the golf field as it is elsewhere?

Here’s an idea: instead of attempting to hit a hole-in-one while facing forwards, why not spin around and play the ball between your legs instead? 

It’ll make it a lot more difficult while also providing you and your date with something to giggle about as you make your way around.

For the last shot, blow the ball into the hole using your mouth.

The concept behind this one is straightforward. Begin by putting the ball in the hole as you would usually. Finally, when you’re ready to take your last shot, get down on your hands and knees and let it fly.

You have the ability to declare that this is your last attempt at any moment, but there is a catch. 

If you are unable to blow the ball into the hole within five seconds, you lose the shot and must place the ball back in its original location, which will increase your overall score by one stroke.

Furthermore, you are not permitted to use your club to putt the ball. If you do, you will lose the opportunity to make the shot and will be required to return the ball to its original location.

Would You go mini-golfing on a first date?

Lara  Lord Says 

I have in the past and would again. Activities are good first dates, and can give you a good chance to see red flags that otherwise might not pop up immediately.

While I am absolutely horrible at mini golf (I just can’t take it seriously and I don’t stress myself to massively improve), I have had several fun dates at mini golf. 

I can see if my date is competitive, a good or bad winner/loser, how they handle my absolutely horrible playing, whether or not they can have fun and enjoy. All of those are important to a relationship’s future, not just lust and chemistry.

Ron Matt Says 

I’d say that yes it would be…for a few reasons; I’m sure that it could be a new experience for your date…it’s fun, whether one is good at it or not. It’s something that you might suggest doing again. 

( but first meter his/her level of enjoyment. ) And don’t show off if you’re good at it. No point to doing that and you’d only impress yourself anyway.

 Glenn Brons Says

Sure. It’s better than a movie because you actually get to talk to one another, have a little fun and actually find out about each other. In a movie you are just sitting next to your date just the same as you are the stranger sitting in the other seat next to you.

Plus mini golf is FUN!!! You don’t have to take it seriously. You may want to take cues from your date though. If they are getting competitive and taking the game seriously, then you may want to step up a little.

Fun facts about Mini Golf

Mini golf is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by everyone who is onto it!!

  1. There are several different names for miniature golf, which is a game with various variations. 
  2. Among its many nicknames are crazy golf, mini-golf, putt-putt, silly golf, shorties and midget golf.
  3. The Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews is the oldest mini golf course in the world. St. Andrews Golf Course, a frequent venue of the British Open, is just over the street.
  4. In the early years of mini-golf, there were no custom-designed themes or sophisticated, mechanised obstacles. 
  5. Rather, early golf courses included impediments such as pipes, barrels, rain gutters, and old tyres to test a golfer’s abilities.

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