Is golf expensive sport ?

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Golf, like cars, houses, and dining, is only as expensive as you want it to be. And the term “expensive” is relative. 

A round of golf could cost several meals for a struggling student or unemployed person. 

Golf is rarely inexpensive, but it can be played for a reasonable fee ($1–1.50 per hole).

I love playing golf, but I wonder How much I need to spend to learn and Play Golf. I did a Lot of Research and this is what I found Out..

So, Is golf expensive sport?

Golf is an Expensive sport. Golf is a sport that requires a lot more skills & knowledge than any other sports possible. To be fairly good at golf requires years of practice, course playing, and coaching, and that costs a lot of money.Golf coaches are also more expensive than other sports too, because, it can take up to 20000 hours of training before turning pro.

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A whole set of golf clubs are expensive because there are 14 different clubs in a bag that you have to buy; which is unlike other sports like tennis.

Every club in the golf bag serves a different purpose. A typical set of golf clubs costs roughly 1500$ USD.

Golf clubs are expensive to manufacture. Once again, golf is a game that requires tremendous precision, such as hitting the ball from hundreds of meters to a target that is 4 inches wide.

That means that club manufactures will need to put a lot of technologies and designs in the club to improve performance, distance, apex, spin, launch, feel and all kinds of other stuff.

This makes a club extra expensive. The most expensive club in the bag; which is usually the driver costs around 250$ USD.

People often switch clubs in golf. Golf gears manufacture is constantly releasing new clubs and claiming better performances.

This makes amateurs constantly buy new clubs; it is almost like buying a new iPhone, every time a new generation is released.

Also, golf is a hard sport, so there are often times when people just play horribly. 

This motivates them to switch clubs; because amateurs tend to blame the problem on the clubs when they don’t play well.

There are tons of accessories in golf. The must-need accessories are Clubs, gloves, tees, and balls.

A pair of gloves costs 30$, a pack of tees costs roughly 20$, and 1 golf ball costs about 2-5$. The amount of golf balls you use per year depends on your skills, average amateurs spend about 100$ on golf balls a year.

There are also tons of other accessories that aren’t mandatory, but fairly important.

Such as range finder, golf shoes, alignment sticks, head covers, GPS watches, apps, and other swing assisting devices. I’ve spent about 1500$ USD on those other accessories over the last decade.

Golf courses are expensive to play at. One round of golf costs about 100$ USD. Average amateur plays 15 round of golf a year.

Golf courses are expensive to play because it isn’t cheap to maintain a golf course. Golf course managers have to keep the grass in very good shape.

A golf course’s size is between 80–150 acres, and it will require a lot of workers to keep the course in shape.

Training. Trying to play golf without lessons is frustrating. That’s what the club pro is there for, and they can get you substantially better in a short period of time.

However, it costs, and the better you want to get, the more time you have to spend with the pro.

Maintenance. Fairways and greens require an immense amount of daily attention to keep the grass the right length and to ward off diseases, weeds and just plain old inconsiderate golfers. Again, that’s rolled into the green fees.

Why Is Golf Considered An Expensive Sport?

Equipments are Expensive

The first reason that golf is regarded an expensive sport is due to the high cost of golf equipment. One of the cheapest golf clubs can cost up to a million dollars more. 

Consider the cost of a set of 14 golf clubs, which may cost  More than  $ 5000.

Furthermore, golf activities necessitate excellence in both golfer talent and equipment. So, if you want to improve your golf game, you’ll need to save a lot of money.

Another option, in addition to purchasing golf equipment, is to rent it. However, it would be a different experience than using your own clubs.

Golf Course Rentals at Exorbitant Prices

The cost of renting a golf course at a high rate is relative. A few years ago, it was true that the cost of a golf course may be prohibitively high. It could cost hundreds of millions of rupiah to join, especially if you want to be a member. The cost of golf course maintenance is often to blame for the high rates of golf course leasing.

You may now find a golf course with inexpensive rates.

Many golf courses are now welcoming amateur golfers. As a result, they can play golf without needing to join a club.

Avoid playing golf on weekends if you want to get the best deal. 

It takes time to improve your golf skills.

Golf appears simple at first glance. A skilled golfer, on the other hand, spends years honing his talents.

A golf training programme can help you perfect golfing technique in a shorter amount of time. You will have to spend money on trainer fees, renting the golf course, and purchasing expensive golf equipment if you do this.

As a result, golf appears to be both costly and challenging for novice golfers. Despite its reputation as a costly activity, golf has shown to have numerous advantages.

Establish relationships with team members to preserve stamina, minimise stress, strengthen your heart, develop your patience, and concentration.

Do you have to be wealthy to play golf?

Certainly not. Being wealthy, in my opinion, may give an individual an advantage when it comes to purchasing certain equipment, playing at or belonging to certain facilities, being able to pay for lessons, and so on.

But, in terms of learning the correct fundamentals, technique, and etiquette of the game itself, I don’t believe it provides any advantage.

How much does it cost to play Golf.

These are all materials/tools that the majority of golfers possess:

It is easy to see why many people perceive golf as a “rich person’s sport.”

However, all these things need not be new and Expensive. can be purchased pre-owned stuff that can fit in your budget.. 

To play golf you have to own or be able to borrow a set of clubs. 

You can buy a second-hand set for about $50 and a new set for around $200. 

You can pay a great deal more, up to several thousand dollars for a top of the range set of clubs. This price range compares with buying a cycle here.

A round of golf on one of our local courses costs around $30 to $60 per person. 

This is about the same as having drinks and a meal in a local bar or three visits to the cinema.

If you become serious about the game, you may want to join a Golf Club. 

This will cost you around $1250 a year (around $25 per week), which includes all of your rounds of golf for the year. 

This would be about the same cost as having three Big Mac Meals a week.

There are other expenses. Golf balls cost around $5.00 each, and lessons from a professional cost around $35 for a half-hour. 

Some people spend a lot of money on special golf clothes, but, apart from shoes (for $50), this is not really necessary, as long as you look fairly smart on the course.

So, where I live golf is reasonably affordable in comparison with other leisure activities, and I play golf with all kinds of men and women, some fairly wealthy (doctors, lawyers, company directors etc) and some who have much lower incomes (shop and factory workers, bus and lorry drivers, old-age pensioners etc).

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Final Thoughts

Golf is a sport with ongoing costs. 

A Golfer pays a membership fee at his golf course every year,  also has to pay green fees whenever they visit a different golf course for competitions.

These membership and green fees vary greatly; When compared to other countries, maintaining fairways and greens in Australia can be very expensive.

The other cost associated with golf is time. 

A round of 18 holes takes about four hours. Most golfers who belong to a club like to play more than once a week. As a result, they must schedule their leisure time accordingly.

So while Golf requires a certain amount of disposable income, it is not necessarily a rich man’s sport. Unless you want to be a member of Augusta or St Andrews, it most certainly is.


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