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How to start playing golf- the Ultimate Beginners Guide

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The sport of golf is a joy to play. In fact, many long-time gamers would claim that it is the best game in the world.

It’s unfortunate that golf has a reputation for being a difficult sport to join. There are a number of factors that contribute to this reputation.

Aside from that, the game is simply plain hard! If you are woman you think its even more harder to start Golfing.

No one can deny that golf is difficult, and newcomers will likely struggle for some time before making any real progress on the course. 

For some newcomers, the expense of getting into the game might be exorbitant. 

Before you buy your first bucket of range balls or pay your first greens fee, you may easily spend a small sum on clubs, balls, shoes, a bag, and more.

If you’ve been considering taking up the game of golf, you’ve probably had some of these worries in mind, and they’re valid. 

This is a valid worry, and if you want to enjoy the game as much as so many others have, you’ll need to find answers.

New golfers may be discouraged by the difficulties of meeting other players, the difficulty of finding excellent venues to play, and the challenge of fitting in 5-6 hour games of golf.

Women Golf: Step One: Just get into it

When you’re an adult, it’s easy to put off new experiences & new Learnings. 

It might be difficult to find time for a new hobby when you already have responsibilities at work and at home, as well as other interests. 

Many people who are thinking about starting into golf fall into this trap. In the end, they never learn how to play this wonderful game because they put it off year after year.

Avoid being a victim of this!

To begin playing golf, simply drive to the local driving range and give it a whirl. You don’t need to acquire a full set of clubs or any additional equipment at this time. Just select a driving range in your area and start swinging.

For those of you who don’t yet have a set of golf clubs, there are a few of solutions that will make your first trip to the range a lot more convenient. 

Following is a list of the criteria:

Buy Pre-Loved Clubs Online It’s likely that you know at least one or two golfers among the people who are part of your social circle. 

Also, There are many FB market sellers that Sell Used Golf clubs. Just purchase a few clubs online to start with.

make use of clubs at the driving range

Utilise clubs at the driving range, call ahead and enquire if the driving range you intend to visit has any for rent. In exchange for the purchase of a bucket of balls, several practise ranges will provide free rentals. 

Of course, they aren’t going to be the most exclusive clubs in the world, but that isn’t crucial at this stage of the process.

Rent clubs from a friend

Rent clubs from a friend: It’s likely that you know at least one or two golfers among the people who are part of your social circle. 

Consult with your friends and family to see if anybody has a set of clubs that they would be willing to loan you for your first trip to the driving range.. 

On top of finding some clubs, this is an excellent method to meet people who could be interested in accompanying you on your first trip.

For the time being, try getting only two or three clubs rather than a full set so that you may go to the range a couple of times during the week. 

Purchase a driver and a wedge to use in conjunction with this strategy. 

Aim to stay away from purchasing any clubs in the range of three iron to pitching wedge because those would be included in a set of irons if you chose to buy a full set of clubs later on.

Golf for Women: Step Two : What to Wear

If you’re visiting a golf course for the first time, you might be unsure about how to dress appropriately. Allow me to present you with a few tips to get you started on your journey.

A well-fitting shirt with an appropriate collar should be sought. 

There should be enough give in the shirt to prevent it from feeling too restrictive on the body. When choosing a fabric, it’s crucial to consider whether you’ll be in a hot or chilly environment. Shirts with full sleeves and shirts with short sleeves are both allowed.

It is necessary for your shirt to be long enough to cover your hips and thighs if you want to tuck it into your jeans. 

Avoid wearing tight-fitting trousers or shorts in order to stay cool. Shorts are favoured in the summer since they are more comfortable. Drawstrings and belt loops are not permitted on either of these choices.

Your pants should be long enough to reach the tops of your shoes. 

Colours that are safe to use include khaki and grey tones, as well as creams, tans, and beige. 

Shorts that are less than three-quarters of the way up the leg should be avoided at all costs.

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Outdoorfizz- Golfing for women

Step Three : Obtaining the Necessary Gear

Make an effort to visit the driving range at least four or five times before continuing on your golfing tour. 

Consider this a trial period in which you must determine whether or not you enjoy the game before investing a significant amount of money on equipment and accessories. 

Even while golf is a wonderful activity that millions of people enjoy, it is not for everyone. 

Before whipping out your credit card and stocking the garage with a slew of new gear, take a few practice sessions at the range to ensure that you are having fun with the game.

Once the trial period has expired, it will be necessary to purchase a complete set of clubs as well as the additional equipment necessary to participate in your first game of golf. 

You will need to have the following items before you may book your first tee time, according to the list provided below: I have also listed my fav Golf bags from Amazon , below,

  • A complete set of clubs, which includes a driver, fairway woods, iron set, wedges, and putter, as well as a bag.
  • Golf cleats are a must.
  • Golf balls, to be precise.
  • Bag for golfing.
  • Dress in golf-appropriate attire.
  • Tees, ball markers, and a divot tool are among the minor accessories available.

There are a plethora of different clubs to choose from. What information do I need to know about when and how to utilise them?

In the broadest sense, your clubs will assist you in determining when it is most advantageous to utilise them. 

Each club is tailored to perform a certain function, such as propelling the ball a specific distance and along a specific trajectory with a specific trajectory.  

As a result of the longer shafts and less loft on the face of the longest clubs in your bag—the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids—the ball will go farther and run out more.  

Irons are distinguished by having shorter shafts and higher lofts on the face, which means the ball will travel shorter distances and drop down more steeply as you advance from a 5-iron to a sand wedge as you lower your handicap. 

However, here are some of our recommended golf club sets for each ability level that we feel to be a good overall value for the money. 

Those who are just starting out: Wilson is a popular brand for those who are just starting out in the game. Precise NX460 Ladies Golf Kit Is an example of a budget beginning set.  

For roughly $400-$500, you can get a good quality golf set that includes a putter, driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and irons 5-SW, as well as a bag and head coverings, depending on whether you’re a righty or a lefty.

Here are some of our recommended golf club sets for each ability level that we feel to be a good overall value for the money.

Best for petite ladies
Precise NX460 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set Precise NX460 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

This ladies' Precise NX460 golf kit is intended to get you out on the course and having fun. It comes with all of the clubs you require to begin started, and it is not an excessively hefty set to take along.

Utilizes only the highest quality lightweight materials available without compromising on performance in any way! There is the usual size, as well as a small size for females who are 5'3" or shorter.

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Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

The Precise M5 women club set is an excellent option for any golfer, regardless of whether they are just starting out, are seasoned veterans, or can only play a few times a year due to time constraints.

The large clubheads are designed to be user-friendly, and the offset makes it easier for novice to intermediate golfers to launch the ball into the air.

This kit will not only make your game better, but it will also make you seem more fashionable.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 12:04 am GMT

Step Four- Become Familiar with the Golf Course Rules

When it comes to golf, there are a tonne of regulations. Despite its short length, the rule book might be difficult to understand at times. 

Apart from that, the “decisions book,” which contains scenarios that may emerge during the course, is utterly overwhelming.

 You shouldn’t be concerned with the finer nuances of the guidelines just yet unless you have a spare month to spend reading through all of this paperwork.

Obviously, this does not imply that you should disregard the regulations – far from it! 

Men play golf as a gentleman’s sport, based on fair competition and high ethical standards. 

You should constantly try to adhere to the rules as strictly as you possibly can to avoid breaking them. 

In contrast, as a novice golfer, you simply will not be able to recall all of the regulations by merely reading them in a book about the game. 

You may encounter a variety of circumstances on your journey around the course, so getting some hands-on experience is highly recommended.

I’ve always heard that golf has a lot of regulations. What do I need to know so that I don’t look like a complete fool?

Yes , Indeed.Golf has a lot of regulations, but it’s comforting to know that even the most seasoned players don’t remember them all. 

As a first-time golfer, the most important thing to remember is to show respect for your fellow players and the course itself.

Most other players care little about your skill level as long as it does not adversely affect their enjoyment of the game. 

That implies not delaying the game even if you’re having a difficult time (better to give yourself a reasonable number of strokes for each hole and picking up for that hole after that). 

  • Standing too near to them or making noise when they’re over the ball might interfere with their swing. 
  • It also entails leaving the course in a reasonable condition for future visitors: 
  • Divots should be replaced; 
  • ball markings on the green should be evened out; 
  • and bunker sand should be smoothed out by either using the rake or your foot to get it back to its original state.

In order to get you off on the right foot, the following list contains the most fundamental rules that you will need to be aware of before to your first game of golf…:

The Ball Must Be Touched on the Green

The Ball Must Be Touched on the Green — and Nowhere Else: It is recommended that you do not touch your ball unless it is sitting on the putting green (unless you are putting it on the tee to begin the hole, at which case the ball is not yet “in play”). 

However, even if your ball is sitting down in some deep grass, you are not permitted to relocate it to a more convenient location.

In the event that your ball comes to rest in a sand trap, you are not permitted to touch the sand with your golf club unless you get permission to do so (until you actually hit the shot). 

A penalty is assessed if you place your club on the sand behind the ball prior to striking the shot. Taking a practise swing and making contact with the sand also constitutes a violation.

Just One Try:There is just one shot at the hole in golf, and there are no second chances. 

Every shot is important, therefore if you make contact with the ball, it should be recorded on the scoreboard. 

Although you may hear the phrase “mulligan” used in regard to a second attempt on a specific shot, this is not a term that occurs anywhere in the official rules of the game and is only infrequently used in casual and “friendly” games of golf, according to the PGA of America.

Drop is shown by the colour red, while Try Again is indicated by white. 

Around the golf course, you will find “stakes” made of wood or metal that will indicate distinct places of danger. “Lateral hazards” are red stakes that are placed around ponds or other damp places to protect people and property. 

After hitting your ball into one of these places, you have the option of dropping a fresh ball within two club-lengths of the hazard line, closest to where the ball went in. If you do so, you will be assessed a one-shot penalty.

Play Your Own Ball

Play Your Own Ball: Hitting the ball of another player is also a violation, so pay great attention and make sure you know which ball you’re hitting before you hit it. 

Does golf balls have a shelf life

In order to reduce the likelihood of making this error, it may be beneficial to label your ball with a distinctive marking. 

At the absolute least, be sure to know what brand and number is inscribed on your ball for rapid identification.

While there are other additional rules to follow when playing golf, these five will get you off to a good start in the sport. 

Another point worth highlighting in this part is the importance of proper manners.

In golf, the way you behave yourself is referred to as etiquette, and it is a crucial aspect of getting along with your fellow players on the course. 

You will get more knowledge about etiquette as you gain more experience, however, the following are some important elements to remember:

  • If you hear another player striking a shot, do not make any noise.
  • When you’re on the putting green, avoid walking between the hole and the ball of another player. This is referred to as “stepping on a player’s line” in some circles.
  • Always rake sand traps when you’re finished with them.
  • Whenever feasible, replace your divots with new ones.
  • Restore the indentation left by your ball when it landed on the green (also known as a “ball mark”).
  • If you assist other golfers in locating their ball when it is in a difficult location, they will reciprocate by doing the same for you.
  • Golfers should keep a respectable speed so that they do not impede the progress of those in front of them, and if you are playing slowly, it is proper etiquette to let those in front of you “play through.”
  • If you can master these fundamentals, you will rapidly develop into a golfer that anybody would be delighted to have as a partner.

Step-5 What is the very bare minimum of what I require, and how much will it cost?

It’s one of the most scary things about learning to play golf for the first time to question if you’re using the appropriate clubs. 

Well, as a matter of fact, Golf can be an expensive game.The trick to getting the most out of your equipment, like with most everything in this game, is to start slowly and wisely. 

First and first, even if the vast majority of players finally arrive, there is no reason to begin with 14-16 clubs in your bag. Essentially, you require less rather than more.

Due to the rarity of limited sets (you could get fortunate with a secondhand set or on eBay), your best bet is to invest in a full set and then cut down to the bare minimum amount of clubs necessary to get you around the golf course. 

There are several locations where you can find box sets containing a complete set of clubs for less than $400. On websites such as, you may get high-quality used clubs at a reasonable price as well.

However, If you think you are serious about Golfing you can buy the full Golf bag from Amazon.

Also, Amazon is a Good place purchase quality golf gears.I have purchased many of my Golf gears on Amazon. I’m sharing the links for you to choose from the list below.

So, What do you need to start Golfing:

Purchase a Quality Golf Bag. It’s difficult to get one that’s of reasonable quality for less than $100. 

Whether you’re not sure about golf, it’s a good idea to ask a buddy who regularly participates if they have an extra set of clubs in their garage. 

 If you think you are serious about Golfing you can buy the full Golf set from Amazon.

You’ll need golf balls, and our recommendation at this point in your golfing career is to spend less than $25 on as many balls as you can get your hands on without breaking the bank. 

Once you’ve stopped losing two sleeves every round, you’ll be able to be a little more precise with your knitting. Here are some more basics that we believe are important:

Golf Towel. Make sure you don’t take one from the linen closet. Take one from your golfing buddy, who most likely has 20 of them stacked up in his garage. 

It comes in useful for keeping your clubs clean, and it also comes in handy when the backwash from that hefty 9-iron splatters in your face. 

You can rely on us. It may happen to even the most talented players in the game.

Tees. In the past, they were given out for free in large quantities, but under the present touch-less atmosphere, they may be harder to come by. You will not have to purchase shirts for years if you purchase a pack of 100.

Divot Tool: When your iron shots begin to strike greens with greater frequency, a divot tool will come in helpful, and you’ll earn the respect of your playing mates by using it to repair markings on the green.

That’s all there is to it for now. 

We believe you can complete this entire entry to the game for less than $500, and if you are inventive, you may be able to do it for less than half that amount. 

It appears to be a good deal for the opportunity to play in the game of a lifetime.

You’ll need a Golf Putter :

A putter is a golf club that is used in the sport of golf to perform relatively short and low-speed strokes with the purpose of rolling the ball into the hole from a short distance away, known as the putting distance.

Here are some Golf Accessories Options to Buy from Amazon

Best Ergonomic Golf Bag
Golf Bag Ergonomic with Stand Golf Bag Ergonomic with Stand

This is a stylish golf bag for women.

It is comprised of a durable rip-stop material with a stable PP base, and it looks and stays extraordinary in any setting!

This beautiful golf bag has 9 pockets and plenty of room for everything you need for a golf tour or indoor practise.

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Glow in the Dark Golf Balls
R&L Glow in The Dark Golf Balls R&L Glow in The Dark Golf Balls


Even when the Sun has set, you don't have to give up playing golf only because of that. R&L now offers LED golf balls that light up, allowing you to play the game even when it's completely dark outside.

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Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept Pink Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept Pink

This NEW! LADY PRECEPT IS SOFTER and HIGHER. Players who like a softer feel, greater control, and less vibration upon impact should choose for the longer, softer core.

The one-of-a-kind 330-seamless dimple design creates more lift on the club face, resulting in higher ball flight.

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Golf Towel Golf Towel


  • Towel: Absorbent and dense, with a metal grommet and strengthened outside edges to prevent fraying.Solidly constructed metal carabiners.
  • The materials and densities of brushes are optimal for their specific use.
  • Hanging accessibility off the side of a golf bag is convenient. Even the little rubber pick cover on the brush is of excellent quality and design. I enjoy being pleasantly surprised by a product's inclusion of such minor details.
  • Excellent client service (more on this below).
  • Amazing value, considering the price.


Absolutely nothing.But, the Towels cold have been a Bit Bigger

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Golf Putter [Right Handed]

The Bionik 701 Mallet Putter boasts a flawless alignment mechanism. The back of the putter head is weighted to boost MOI, decreasing miss-hits.

You'll get a smooth forward-spinning ball upon contact with decreased skid, improving your putting.

This superior grip ensures optimal comfort, playability, consistency, and confidence. Bionik 701 Mallet Putter will lower your score.

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Step SIX-The First Round

The First Round of the Tournament

You’re going to have to make the decision to book your first tee time at some point in your life. 

Most likely, you will be apprehensive about playing your first round of golf on a real golf course, but that is perfectly normal and expected.

 If you are apprehensive, don’t put it off any longer. Pick a day and a course and start as soon as you feel certain that you are up to the challenge.

If you want to ease into it, you may alternatively plan your first round at a Par 3 course (a.k.a a “executive course”), which is often less costly and more informal than a traditional golf course setting.

A number of things to bear in mind when you are putting together your first round are as follows. The first consideration is the day and time that you pick to reserve your tee appointment with the golf course. 

What is the best way to schedule a tee time?

When a private course is unavailable, you’ll need to make reservations at a public one. 

Call your local course and explain that you’re a novice and want to play when the course is less crowded, therefore making it less stressful for you to play. Late-afternoons are often ideal for scheduling. 

It is possible to compare available times at numerous golf courses at the same time by using tee-time aggregators (such as Supreme Golf, GolfNow, or 

If you’re looking for a specific course that isn’t on one of these websites, it’s best to get in touch with the school directly.

Weekends are the busiest times for golf courses, therefore it is recommended to avoid playing on Saturday and Sunday if at all possible. 

In addition, most courses are busier in the mornings on weekdays, as retirees are more likely to play in the early hours of the morning. 

Consequently, weekday afternoons are your best choice for finding a calm time when you won’t be under any pressure to keep up with a large group of people on the golf course. 

For your first round, consider taking a half-day off work or choosing a weekday when you aren’t scheduled to work so that you may enjoy a course that isn’t overrun with other people.

It’s not like I want to play 18 holes in a row… Is there a way around this?

Yes , Absolutely. You must  always enquire about playing six, nine, or 12 holes at a course. There are certain courses that enable you to pay each hole. Courses with nine-hole rates are popping up all over.

Step Seven-Socialize

While it is possible to have a good time playing rounds of golf by yourself, the game becomes much more pleasurable when you meet new people while out on the course.

Golf is, by its very nature, a social game, as the majority of the time spent on a round of golf is spent strolling about or riding in a golf cart. 

If you can put together a group of individuals with whom you can regularly play golf, your pleasure of the sport will soar to new heights.

Involve yourself in an organised golf club or league

Involve yourself in an organised golf club or league: Almost every public golf course has a Men’s Club and a Women’s Club that are both available to new members. 

It is common for these clubs to participate in a number of informal competitions throughout the year. Don’t be intimidated by the notion of competing in a golf competition; you don’t have to be a great golfer to take part. 

Players of all skill levels are normally welcome to participate in these tournaments (the playing field is usually balanced with the assistance of golf handicaps), and you could find that you truly enjoy yourself while participating in these events. 

The fact that you will see the same faces over and over again during the season makes joining a club or golf league a terrific method to meet new golfing companions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Golf:

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Golf: As you progress through life, don’t be afraid to engage in casual conversation about golf with others, even when you aren’t on a golf course. 

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide participate in the sport, and you most likely already have many acquaintances who are golfers. 

Bringing it up in casual conversation may lead to some of your existing friends and acquaintances expressing an interest in joining you for a game of golf.

Make no apprehensions about seeking out new individuals to accompany you on the golf course, and make no distinction between your talent – or lack thereof. 

Providing you maintain your momentum and have a positive attitude, you should have no trouble finding a large number of individuals who are interested in joining you, even if your scores are on the high side.

Golf for women – FAQs

Is golf a good sport for women?

  • Absolutely! Golf is both physically and mentally engaging and offers numerous health and social benefits for women of all ages.

Do women play from different tees than men?

  • Generally, yes. Many courses have tees designated for women, often referred to as the “ladies’ tees.” They are typically closer to the hole to account for average distance differences in drives between men and women.

What equipment is essential for a female beginner golfer?

  • A basic set of clubs (driver, putter, a few irons, and perhaps a wedge), golf balls, tees, a glove, and appropriate footwear.

How is women’s golf attire different from men’s?

  • While there are similarities, women have a broader range of options like skorts, sleeveless polo shirts, and golf dresses. However, the emphasis remains on modest and appropriate attire for the course.

Is it necessary to take lessons when starting?

  • While not mandatory, lessons can be beneficial in learning proper techniques, understanding the game’s rules, and preventing the development of bad habits.

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Are there golf associations or clubs specifically for women?

  • Yes, many associations cater to women golfers, like the Women’s Golf Association or the LPGA for professionals. Local clubs often have women’s leagues and events too.

How do I choose the right golf club size?

  • It’s essential to get fitted for clubs based on your height and swing. Most golf specialty stores or pro shops offer club fitting services.

Is golf an expensive sport to get into?

  • Golf can be pricey due to equipment costs and green fees. However, there are budget-friendly options available, from buying used equipment to seeking out affordable courses or hitting ranges.

Can I play golf while pregnant?

  • Many women play golf during pregnancy( In their 1st & 2nd trimester), but it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider. Adjustments to your swing and overall play might be needed as your pregnancy progresses.

How can I find other women to golf with?

  • Joining a local golf club, participating in women’s leagues, or engaging in group lessons can be great ways to meet fellow female golfers.

Remember, golf is an inclusive sport that welcomes players of all genders, ages, and skill levels. Whether playing for relaxation, competition, or social engagement, it offers something for everyone.

Is it permissible to play golf while wearing running shoes?

No, running shoes are typically not suggested since they do not comply with the dress code of the majority of golf clubs and golf courses in the United States. 

Furthermore, they do not provide enough foot support while walking for the long periods of time required for golf.

In addition, these shoes are not intended for use on the short-groomed grass of a golf course, as previously stated. 

Consequently, you may find yourself sliding or slipping by unintentionally, placing you at danger of harm. 

Running shoes are also known to become caught on a variety of surfaces, including clay, asphalt, and concrete.

Is it permissible to play golf while wearing a tennis skirt?

Yes, it is OK to wear a tennis skirt while golfing. Keep in mind, though, that tennis skirts are often rather short in length. 

It is necessary to put spandex or tights underneath them in such circumstances to avoid discomfort. 

Wearing a little longer skirt that just covers your knees is an other option

So the key lesson is that even when professionals are paid large sums to play with a particular brand of clubs, if they discover an individual club from a different brand that leads to better scoring, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will use it or, alternatively, that the brand that sponsors them will make something exactly like it!

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