How to play mini golf

Getting through the Clown’s Mouth. The Windmill’s plan of attack. escaping the volcano’s crater.

We must be talking about mini-golf if we are bringing up clowns, windmills, and volcanoes.

Although playing mini-golf is a straightforward and enjoyable family pastime, let’s face it: you still want to win!

Additionally, just because you are playing behind an 8-year-old birthday party does not mean that mini-golf is without strategy.

The exact opposite. You may learn how to play mini-golf the proper way and be sure to beat your friends (and kids!) with a few cunning moves up your sleeve.

Below are our top six suggestions for playing mini golf well. Who knows, maybe you’ll participate in a pro mini-golf competition someday!

How to play mini golf [ Step by step tips]

  • Pick a golf ball, there should be one ball for each player. Each participant must to have a ball of a distinct hue at their disposal.
  • Pick out a putter; the length of the putter you choose should reach up to your hip or waist.
  • If you intend to keep track of the score, you should ensure that you have a pencil and a score card with you.
  • To begin, the players should confer with one another to choose who will act first, second, and so on.
  • The first player in the round is responsible for positioning their ball near the back of the green.
  • Hold onto the putter with both hands. Place the putter in front of you and make a fist with your dominant hand as if you were shaking hands with it. Next, lower the hand that is gripping the putter’s grip. (If you’d want to see this demonstrated visually, check out video 1)
  • Create a triangle with your feet, the golf ball, and the club so that you are in the ideal stance. Put your feet on either side of the green and at a distance that will allow you to make a smooth swing with your putter. (See video 1)
  • Make use of the line that is located on the top of your putter to help you target your shot.
  • Hit the ball in the direction of the hole using a putting stroke (making sure that the swing stays below your waist), and keep your hands on your hips.
  • After the first person in the game has taken their initial hit, the subsequent players will finish their turns.
  • After each player has had their first opportunity to hit the ball, the person who is the farthest away from the hole has an additional five strokes to try to get their ball into the hole.
  • When all of the players have successfully holed their ball or have had six opportunities to hit their ball, it is ready to go to the next hole.
  • Before moving on to the next hole, make a note of each player’s score from the previous one.
  • Perform steps 5–12 in order until all of the holes in the course have been finished, and then tally up the final score.

You may already have a putter and ball that you can use, but it is ideal if you invest in some mini golf supplies of your own such as a flag mini golf set or maybe even glow-in-the-dark golf balls.

This will ensure that you have everything you need to play the game. You should also bring a pencil and scorecard with you so that you can keep track of your statistics. This will come in handy. Bring along some insect repellent and sunscreen in case there are any sunny days at the course.

Put in a “Mulligan”: In the game of golf, a “Mulligan” is when a golfer is given a second chance to play a hole after realising that none of their prior tries were very successful. On the golf course, if you are having significant difficulty getting your ball into the hole, you are permitted to request a mulligan, despite the fact that this is not permitted under normal conditions and is also looked down upon.

For instance, if you sink one putt but then miss another within five seconds of the first shot that you missed, that counts as your mulligan for the hole.

Take some practise swings: Before you take a swing at any mini golf hole, whether you are putting or teeing off, take some practise swings to see which type of club will perform best for that particular circumstance. If there is a significant amount of wind outside, you should readjust your aim so that you are not forced to contend with an excessive amount of air resistance. There are also specialised sorts of clubs designed specifically for use in extremely cold or hot climates!
Don’t be in a hurry: While being in a hurry might not be the root of all of your difficulties in the game of mini golf, it certainly won’t assist you if you’re trying to sink a challenging putt or get the ball into that teeny-tiny hole with just one shot.

So slow down and take your time. If you feel as though you are in a hurry during your swing, then there is no way you will be able to hit the ball correctly or do well on the course. When playing mini golf, it is usually best to take things at a moderate pace since rushing can only make things more difficult for you in the long run.

Maintain a good attitude: Despite the fact that this isn’t a professional competition or anything like that, you shouldn’t let yourself feel discouraged at any point while you’re playing the game.

Because playing mini golf is supposed to be fun, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you end up making a few blunders along the road.

Aside from that, even the best golfers have had their fair share of poor breaks along the way, and the way you react to those unfortunate circumstances is what decides your total degree of expertise on the course.

Tips, Hints and Methods That Will Help You Win in Miniature Golf

It is possible to improve your game of miniature golf with just a few pointers, and you might even start winning some of these tournaments played for fun.

The level of difficulty is somewhere Challenging

You should strike the golf ball directly in the centre with the middle of your putter. It is incredible how easy that seems to accomplish, but a surprising number of people don’t actually do it. When the golf ball is struck with the heel of the putter or the head of the putter, it has a tendency to not travel in a straight line or for a significant distance unless the golf club is held firmly.

Always make sure that the ball is aligned with the putter in such a way that it will be struck by the “sweet spot” of the club.
Putts are not provided at the miniature golf course, so please bring your own. The vast majority of miniature golf courses employ putters that are lightweight and made of fragile materials.

This makes perfect sense given that these characteristics make the putters more economical for the proprietor of the facility. However, a large number of players won’t be able to utilise them comfortably since they are too short.

If you use the club you usually play with, you will become accustomed to how it feels, which will almost certainly result in an immediate improvement in your score.
When you are taking your tee shots, your primary focus should be on avoiding the initial risks.

Do not make the mistake of attempting to hit the ideal shot in order to get the ball past the hazard and into the hole at the same time.

Your goal should be to simply hit the ball straight and through the danger; if you can do so, you will have an opportunity to gain strokes on your competition when they are unable to do so.
Put some force into your swing and hit the golf ball.

Most miniature golf courses contain holes that require the ball to travel a substantial distance in order to reach the hole. Additionally, many of the holes on these courses have inclines, ramps, and other obstacles that can send a ball that was hit poorly right back to the player’s feet.

You need to get the ball within a small distance of the hole in order to have a chance at winning at miniature golf.

A ball that is struck correctly will travel in a straight line for a significantly longer distance, allowing it to avoid any obstacles in its path. Balls that are lightly touched frequently will end up exactly next to a hazard, which means that the player will then need to smash the ball backwards only to be able to line up the next shot to get it through the obstacle.

Putt the short putts successfully. Whether or not you make the putts that are close to the hole will determine whether you are in a competitive position or in last place.

Putts rarely break on a course designed for miniature golf because the holes are so close together. The vast majority of them are straight-on putts that require a second, more forceful blow to be delivered to the golf ball. As long as it is not hit with an excessive amount of force, the ball that is struck hard will go into the hole.

On its path to the hole, the ball that was so delicately struck will gradually lose momentum and start to twist.
You should get as much practise as you can. Miniature golf is just like any other activity in that it allows you to hone your skills through practise.

Visit the miniature golf course in your area and play the game by yourself to get a feel for the intricacies of the layout and how hard you should be hitting the ball. Because of this, you will be able to determine the angles of the holes and where you should hit your tee shots.


What does the wind do in MINI Golf?
Because there is no other way to avoid the wind in miniature golf, it will effect practically every shot you hit, and the only way to account for it is to adjust your swing accordingly.

When you are playing a game, you should make every effort to avoid hitting the ball directly into any winds if at all possible. Doing so will have an impact on the ball’s speed as well as how well it will go through the air.

This is something that should be taken into consideration by anyone who plans on putting with a standard ball rather than a ball that was designed specifically for the course, as the length of time it takes to putt can vary depending on which ball is used.

Why is a round of mini golf a fun activity for the whole family?
People are able to improve their hand-eye coordination, focus, and other key areas of their lives while having fun with one another when they participate in mini golf.

It is a good idea for families to play this together because it helps keep people interested in something, which is preferable than constantly sitting inside and doing nothing.

In the end, you can discover that you spend more time with your brothers and sisters, which is something that can be a really nice thing in general.

If I never win in mini golf, does it mean the course is any good?
If players at your neighbourhood mini golf course are losing on practically every single hole, the course was obviously planned improperly, and there were too many holes that were simply too easy to get through.

When I was a kid, my family went on a trip to play mini golf, and during the course of the day, each of us lost at least 10 times, which resulted in my feeling fairly discouraged.

Before learning that it wasn’t a part of what they had to offer there, I once even took my ball outside the hole and attempted to throw it into it before realising my mistake.

How do you go about playing mini golf? If you are not having success on the course that is closest to you, look at the entry that follows to see if there is any way to boost your chances of winning against your friends and family.

What is a mulligan?
The term “mulligan” comes from the game of golf and refers to the opportunity given to a player to redo their swing in the event that they feel they played poorly and would like another shot.

Because this is just a normal aspect of the game, nobody will be upset with them if they ask for an opportunity like this! If someone asks you to do this, you are allowed to consider if it would help enhance your odds or not before determining whether or not you would like to utilise a cart even when there aren’t many people on the course at the time.

How can I make MINI Golf more precise?
Make sure that your swing fits up with whatever it is that you want to do in order to have the best chance of hitting the ball accurately and producing clean outcomes.

Before placing the ball down, everyone who wants to try their hand at putting should probably just give the ball a little bit of attention first.

No matter what anyone says to you in this location, there is really no substitute for knowing how right form works and applying it during play, which should go well if it is done correctly. This is the only way to ensure success.

Wrapping up Note

How do you go about playing mini golf? Spending some time learning how to play mini golf the right way is the greatest approach to maximise your enjoyment of the game because doing so will increase the likelihood of your success while competing against other players.

If someone wants their ball back after dropping it on the course, they should enquire around to see if someone found it or not since they will always find something else instead! Because there is no other option for replacing lost balls, you should make every effort not to misplace anything!


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