How Long Does a Parasail Ride Last ?

Have you ever paid for an experience just to feel it’s too early? You had the itch to try to parasail, but for that very reason you refrained. 

You need to know how long your parasail ride will last, whether you want to make your honey a suggestion or just have enough time to picture it. So how long do we speak?

On average a para-sail ride lasts an hour, but this includes the time the ship’s captain takes to and from the sea. 

So from 20 minutes to 30+ minutes you could get in the air anywhere. Some para-sail excursions take 2-3 hours, giving you more time in the sky.

We will discuss an average parasailing excursion in more detail in this article. 

The time you can expect to be in the air, the use of your time and the length of your parasailing trip are all going forwards. You won’t want to miss it!

How Long Does a Parasail Ride Last ?

To begin, allow me to state the obvious. Let’s discuss the duration of your parasailing ride.We’ve seen parasailing companies offer riders a 45-minute ride. As mentioned previously, the average duration of a parasail is 60 minutes. 

Alternatively, you can double that time for a two-hour journey. Those who truly enjoy parasailing may be able to partake in the activity for three hours.

At first glance, it may appear as though booking an hour-long parasailing ride will require you to spend the entire hour in the air. However, this is not true. 

The time required for the parasail captain to transport you to the dock and prepare you for parasailing is included in your total time. Likewise, the time required to return is significant.

How long are these journeys expected to take? That is nearly impossible to say without going through parasail companies on an individual basis.

Certain parasailing companies may be located very close to the ocean, making the boat ride short. For other companies, the boat trip may consume up to 15 minutes of your available flight time one-way.

If that is true and you booked 60 minutes in the air, you would have another 30 minutes for parasailing after spending 30 minutes on transportation.

Of course, this is merely an illustration. If you have any specific questions about the duration of your sky time, we recommend contacting the parasailing company through which you made your reservation. Inquire about the average time required for the parasail captain to deliver you to the dock or your launch location. Then multiply that figure by two and divide it by the total amount of time reserved.

Bear in mind that just because a typical parasailing trip takes 60 minutes does not mean it is your only option. 

If you believe that 20 to 30+ minutes in the air will not suffice, book a two-hour flight. You’ll approach 60 minutes in the air. If you require additional time, book three hours of parasailing.

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Is it more expensive to take longer parasailing rides?

After reading the information in the preceding section, you feel as though you’d be better off planning a longer parasailing trip that lasts at least two hours, if not three. You’re still undecided on that point.

Is it more expensive to fly for that long, whether two or three hours? Generally, yes. However, flight time is not the only factor that affects the price of parasailing.

The cost of parasailing is determined by your location, the level of tourism in that location, and the number of riders. Thus, while in Melbourne Victoria, you can pay $450 for three hours of parasailing, and $400 for two riders while parasailing at Sunshine coast, QLD.

This was discussed in our article on parasailing costs. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into pricing. 

Here’s how much you’d spend on parasailing at several premier destinations across North America, courtesy of Viator. Additionally, your overall time commitment for the money is included.

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What Activities Are Available While Parasailing?

Whether you’re anticipating 20 minutes in the air while parasailing, 40 minutes, or even 60 minutes or more on a multi-hour ride, what can you do while in the air? We’re delighted you inquired!

Take Photographs

We always say that the views of the ocean from a parasail are unlike anything you’ll see while swimming or even riding in a boat. Utilize your incredible vantage point and take some photos. You don’t even need a fancy camera; your smartphone should suffice!

Video Recording

The sound of the ocean roaring below you, the gentle breezes all around you, and perhaps a seabird flying through the sky at your altitude or a dolphin leaping from the crystal clear waves: there are numerous moments you’ll want to capture in all their animated glory.

Again, you can record video using your smartphone, or you can strap a portable camera like a GoPro to your head and body for a first-person perspective on the beauty that surrounds you at 500 feet.


If you forgot your phone or are afraid to remove it from your pocket for fear of it falling into the ocean hundreds of feet below, that’s fine. You can always kick back (figuratively, in this case) and allow your eyes to take in every sight possible while parasailing. Occasionally, it’s nice to create active memories rather than passive ones captured via our smartphones.

Have a Discussion

If you choose to parasail with another person, or even a third, your group can communicate throughout the experience. There is one exception to this rule: if you are seated back to back. If you do not speak at a consistently loud volume, you may have difficulty hearing one another.

The presence of another person, particularly someone with whom you can exchange nervous chatter, can be beneficial during those aspects of parasailing that scare you, such as ascending or even descending.

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Numerous people do this because it is significantly more romantic and intimate than proposing in a restaurant, not to mention extremely unique. The critical point is to keep the ring secure in a zippered pocket or pouch. Oh, and be careful not to drop the ring as you pop the question!

Can You Extend the Duration of Your Parasailing Ride?

What if you decide that you’d rather parasail for closer to two hours to maximise your time in the sky but have only booked one hour? Is it too late to extend the duration of your parasailing ride?

Yes, most likely, but you never know! We recommend contacting the parasailing company via phone or email and inquiring about the possibility of extending your ride. If they are on a tight schedule that day, they will almost certainly say no. The same holds true if you booked the day’s first parasailing trip, as there are almost certainly others scheduled after you.

If the day is relatively light or you’re parasailing later in the day, the parasailing company may be able to accommodate you if you contact them a few days in advance. You cannot arrive on the day of the ride and attempt to bribe the captain into extending the ride. That is almost certainly not going to work.

Even if you are unable to extend your parasail ride, you now know to book an even longer trip the next time.

Final Remarks

A parasail ride typically lasts 60 minutes, but this time does not include the time required to get to and from the loading dock. In reality, you’ll parasail for approximately 20 to 40 minutes. If that sounds like insufficient time for you, consider booking a two- or three-hour parasail ride. Enjoy yourself out there!


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