Golf Visors: Everything About This kind Of Golf Headwear

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You have a tee time at the course you enjoy playing the most. You have a few close friends who are eager to come along with you. 

After checking the forecast, you discover that today is going to be a gorgeous, sunny day.

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You now have just one choice left to make as a result of this. Which of your many golf hats are you planning to put on your head today? 

There is a wide variety of choice available. A baseball cap, a bucket hat, or even a visor designed for golf might do the trick.

Baseball was the birthplace of the sun visor, which served as a forerunner to the baseball cap that we are all familiar with and adore today. 

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Players in other sports, such as golf and tennis, continued to wear the visor style of headwear even after the sport of baseball developed the full cap style that is now synonymous with the game.

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However, if one were to pinpoint the moment when the visor truly left its imprint in the world of golf, many people would point to the famous golfer Arnold Palmer wearing a visor and tossing it into the air when he won the U.S. Open in 1960. 

Palmer did this as he celebrated his victory. From that point on, men’s golf visors became a sought after style on the golf course, and Imperial led the push in making it the fashionable look that we know and love today on the golf course.

Because Imperial was the company that pioneered the high crown form of golf visor, it is feasible to track the development of the men’s golf visor by looking through vintage catalogues of the company. 

A little over a decade after Arnold Palmer’s victory in the 1960 tournament, visors began to be sold in multiples in the 1977 catalogue. 

Customers could purchase cotton twill hats with absorbent sweatbands, adjustable velcro closures, and a variety of colours by placing an order for a dozen visors at a time.

It could very well be the fresh touch that your golf outfit is missing. 

A piece of golf equipment that you can add to your collection that won’t break the bank.

 With a personalised golf visor, you may let your hair blow in the breeze while you play.

What exactly is a golf visor, though?

There are times when the most basic things are the ones that are hardest to explain. 

A baseball cap with a visor that fastens in the back and does not have a crown is known as a golf visor. 

Because of this, the top of your head and hair will be exposed to the heat of the sun and the breeze of the afternoon. 

A golf visor will often have a brim that is firm. They are constructed with brims of varying sizes.

Visors for Golf: Pros and Cons Pros:


A golf visor performs a wonderful job of shielding your face from the sun, which is a major benefit of wearing one. 

When it comes to protecting your face while golfing, a golf visor with a wide brim is going to be your best bet.

Golf visors are typically far more lightweight than traditional golf hats. Because there is no top, you are able to feel the breeze and the heated air will leave.

Put your gorgeous tresses on display. If you wear a golf visor, your hair won’t get tangled or flattened as you play. It is able to flow in the air of the afternoon.


Having a scorched scalp is never a good thing. If you have fine hair, you should put sunscreen on your head because wearing a golf visor can be uncomfortable for people with thin hair.

There is a possibility that a golf visor will not fit your head properly. You are not to blame for this! 

Some golfers look fantastic while others look ridiculous when they wear visors. 

Examine yourself in the mirror as you wear it to determine which category you fall into. It’s possible that the visor isn’t the right golf cap for your needs.

How To Select The Appropriate Visor For Golf

The thought fascinates you to some extent. It’s possible that the golf visor is the type of hat that’s been missing from your collection all along. 

When going shopping, what are some things you need to keep in mind?

The Material of the Visor Hat

You have a number of options to choose from in order to fashion the ideal visor cap, just as you do when selecting the material for winter hats.


It’s possible that a cotton visor hat is the greatest option because of how gentle it is and how comfy it is to put on the head. You can also make your own one-of-a-kind designs, which will help you stand out more on the beach.


The bamboo visor hat is another one of sunlight’s top picks due to the fact that it is durable, simple to use, and makes you look fantastic. In addition to that, it lends an eastern flavour to the activities you do outside.


The next option is the visored straw hat. When labouring in cotton or rice fields for extended periods of time, farm workers all over the world wear visored straw hats to shield their faces and heads from the direct rays of the sun. 

The sole drawback associated with the utilisation of straws is that the straws are prone to breakage and may cause discomfort when worn.


Last but not least, there is linen. It is not the ideal fabric for making a visor cap, but it is also not the worst cloth that you could use.


You can learn about the advantages of utilising this fabric by wearing a visor hat made of polyester, which you can purchase. It has a longer lifespan than straw despite being a man-made product rather than a natural fibre. 

You won’t earn a green reputation if you make your visor hats out of this material because it’s not good for the environment.

Make sure that it has a pleasant and comfortable fit.

First of all make sure it has a nice and comfy fit for your head.

The majority of golf visors, if not all of them, come equipped with adjustable clasps or velcro at the back, which means that finding one that fits your head shouldn’t be too difficult. 

That does not mean that each one will feel exactly the same after you put it on your head. It is possible that it will take some time before you become accustomed to the sensation of wearing a golf visor as opposed to a traditional golf cap.

Pick a colour and pattern that go with your personal aesthetic.

Yes, you want a golf visor that serves a purpose (blocking the sun and keeping you cool, for example), but let’s face it: style is the most important consideration. 

On the golf course, you want to present a positive image. Your favourite golf suit can be missing something, and the appropriate golf visor might be just the thing to fix that.

Choose the Appropriate Material

Golf visors, which are very similar to regular hats, can be crafted from a wide variety of materials. 

Polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and linen are the most popular types of fibres.

 There is a possibility that you will come across one that is constructed of plastic; nonetheless, we do not advise you to follow this road.

Determine The Appropriate Width For Your Brim

What are the real differences between the various golf visors? It frequently comes down to the size of the brim. 

You ought to give some thought to both of these aspects. To begin, the hat’s ability to shield your face from the sun is directly proportional to the size of the brim. 

Second, the width of the brim has a significant impact on the overall appearance of the hat when it is worn.

When you place it on your head, you should try it on and make sure that you are satisfied with both the amount of sun protection it provides and the way it looks.

Check to See If Personalization Is an Option

That’s correct, you can get visors made to your specifications. 

Always check to see whether you can “make it your own” before purchasing a golf visor, as this is an important factor to consider while shopping for one. 

You might even be able to embroider a name or date next to your own personal emblem, if that’s an option.
Plus: A personalised visor makes an excellent present for golfers. The ideal way to commemorate your golf trip with your friends or as a gift for the  newly weds.

When shopping for a visor hat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, and here they are.

Body Shape

Ladies who are short or have a lot of body fat should wear visor hats that are light in colour and have a narrow brim. People who have shorter necks should wear half-brim or narrow-brim visor hats. Well-proportioned women have more options when it comes to visor hats. People with lighter skin tones should select visor caps in shades of light red, chrysanthemum, and light grey, while those with darker skin should go for visor hats in shades of brighter colours.


Those with short hair have the option of selecting a visor hat with a narrow brim, which will keep the sun from damaging their hair, while those with long hair have the option of selecting a visor hat with a wide brim.

Your Age

Young people select visor caps with vivid colours and unique styles, which helps to give off a lively attitude; people in the middle years of their lives should highlight mature and tranquil personality traits.

Visor or Hat which will you choose

We asked a few Golfers about what will they choose, here what their Responses are:

Lance ( An Avid Golfer) says:

A visor provides no sun protection to the scalp. Not beneficial and I think one looks pretty dorky on most people.
A cap is better but doesn’t neglect to use sunscreen on your ears.

David ( A Beginner Golfer) says:

Visor when I play in the summer high heat/humidity months here in NY, July and August. Fortunately, I still have all my hair to protect against the sun and the visor allows the heat to escape better. I also love soaking it in cold water and putting it back on my head to cool me down. I’m more about function over style when extreme weather demands it. Stadry hat in the rain, Mesh cap in the spring and fall, and my Japanese Titleist knit hat with brim in the winter that I found on eBay.

No’l ( A Beginner Golfer) says:

Always a cap during cooler months or an Aussie in the summer heat. In the 115° – 120° dry hear or any kind of heat in those temps, the Aussie is an easy choice… no disrespect to the visors.

John( A Pro Golfer) says:

I like both, it just depends on my outfit and mood that morning. I also can’t go visor if I have complete bed head.

J Smith( A Pro Golfer) says:

I have a thick head of hair, so I wear a Scotty Cameron visor or the TT high brimvisor unless it is freezing!

Millie ( A New Golfer) says:

I love a good Tour Visor. The larger bill provides a lot of shade and the open air keeps the dome cool. Not everyone can pull them off 😉

Visor a Bettr Option than hats? Here is why

Visors have a lengthy history of being popular in the fashion industry be it Golfing or running or any other sports events.

It has been a while since it was considered part of the mainstream trend. However, visors are currently enjoying a resurgence in both appeal and fashion.

This summer is the perfect moment to make a statement with an amazing vintage-style outfit.

As it is often said, “History and Fashion repeat itself,” there has been a recent surge in the popularity of visors.

If you are considering purchasing a visor for use during this summer, then the following information will be helpful to you as you make your selection.

Comfort: People who run, play Golf or Tennis, or participate in other types of strenuous exercise frequently choose to use visors because they are more comfortable than a bespoke cap or top, they allow for airflow, and they are lightweight.

Visors regularly offer you the complete and superior advantage of offering sun protection than a cap or conventional baseball or tennis top because they can be all the more effectively moved up or down on the head dependent on the situation of the sun.

This makes them a superior choice for sun protection than a cap.

The only people who should avoid using visors are those who have bare heads or bare spots; these people should make it a point to wear full hats that have UPF protection on all parts of the cap.

The Visor is undeniably one of the most aesthetically pleasing headwear options available today. Because of its incredibly chic appearance and the way it fits, it is suitable for wearing with any dress. It shields you from sweat and the general discomfort that comes along with wearing other caps that are totally covered.

The style:  You may also use your visors to create a fashion statement, which is another benefit of this one-of-a-kind fashion piece.

The convenience: The summertime is a time of year when more individuals are interested in being active.

A visor might be your best buddy if you are the type of person who goes for long walks or runs outside.

This is not only easy to put on and take off but also provides sun protection, maintains a constant flow of air, and is not likely to become detached.

5 Cool & best Golf Visors we adore

Callaway Golf 2022 Liquid Metal Adjustable Hat

Callaway Golf 2022 Liquid Metal Adjustable Hat
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Within the Liquid Metal visor, Callaway successfully marries style and performance.

A performance cooling sweatband, a low-profile design, and a one-of-a-kind metallic logo are all featured on this one-of-a-kind custom visor.

You will be able to change the fit thanks to a Velcro clasp located in the back that is adjustable.

Gone For a Run Ultralight Visor with RunTechnology

Gone For a Run Ultralight Visor with RunTechnology
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This ultralight safety yellow visor is perfect for any activity, whether you’re running, hiking, playing golf or tennis, or even just relaxing. 

The terry sweatband from RunTechnology helps keep sweat from getting in your face and also protects your eyes from the sun’s potentially damaging rays as well as persistent driving rain.

Under Armour Women’s Launch Run Visor

Under Armour Women's Launch Run Visor
$59.99 $29.99
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The traditional visor fit moulds to the shape of your head to create a low profile. 

The ArmourVent Technology creates a fabric that is light, elastic, robust, and dries quickly. It also provides real breathability.

Greater stretch and recovery, an exceptionally plush feel, and improved breathability are all benefits provided by the UA Siro sweatband.

 Hook-and-loop fastener closing that can be adjusted. Reflective emblems and logos

You will be able to change the fit thanks to a Velcro clasp located in the back that is adjustable.

adidas Superlite

adidas Women's Superlite Performance Visor
$59.99 $29.99
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Callway women Golf Clip Visor

Callaway Women's Golf Clip Visor
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FAQs about Golf Visors

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Golf Visors, Both for Men and Women

How Should a Woman Wear a Visor When Playing Golf?

There is not much of a difference between wearing a golf visor that is designed for women or one that is designed for males, for the most part. 

The length of one’s hair would be the one and only exception to this rule. 

Both men and women with hair that is of a longer length have the option of wearing the golf visor underneath their hair and allowing the back of their hair to flow over the top of the hat.

Are Visors Worn by Men Playing Golf Currently Trendy?

The simple answer is that it is. The traditional “baseball hat” or bucket golf hat has been replaced by a more fashionable option: the golf visor. 

In the heat, a golf visor might make you feel more comfortable. It is less heavy, and you can sense the wind blowing through it.

Do Professional Golfers Typically Wear Visors?

Yes. On the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour, golf visors are by far the most common type of headwear worn, and if you turn on the PGA tour on the weekend, you’ll find plenty of players wearing them as well. 

Golfers Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson are known for always playing with visors on their heads during competition.

Include a Golf Visor in the Collection of Hats You Own.

Is it time for you to step up your hat game and compete at a higher level? 

The other players in your group will be able to tell that you are there to have a good time when you wear a golf visor because it is a look that is both cool and relaxed.

 Even if they shield the sun from your face, you’ll still be able to enjoy the fresh air blowing through your tresses in the afternoon. That’s like having the best of both worlds!

Any Particular color of Visor to select?

If you decide to wear a visor, choose one that is white on top and has a dark under-brim (to reduce glare). 

You want to make sure that the visor has the same ability to absorb moisture that the hat does, because you don’t want it to get too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Betty Borns believes that “in the end, it comes down to personal preference & choices of colors . 

You need to decide what it is that you think will make you feel the most at ease & Cool. 

Even if it doesn’t bring your core temperature down, having your head, neck, and face feel cool has a significant impact on your overall level of comfort during Golf.

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