First time Helicopter Ride – All things you need to know

When my partner and I did our First heli ride in Melbourne, We had many questions in mind before the ride. We are articulating those questions and answers we found after some Research .

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First Time Helicopter Ride Tips you must know before riding a Heli

Is Helicopter Ride safe?

First time on a helicopter? Don’t sweat it, read these tips for an EnJoyable helicopter ride.

Do you drive on your towns Interstate highways? How many or killed each week? You will be flying in an aeroplane across the Pacific Ocean and you are worried about a 50-minute helicopter ride?

Now, we have been on the Helicopter ride three times, never felt that it was unsafe. Of driving on a highway or flying in a helicopter ………I would take the helicopter. The flight is awesome and one of the most beautiful sights you will EVER see.

Make sure to choose your  Helicopters Rides from a reputable company.

A better way to go about this is to look at the safety ratings for the company you are looking at booking with Redballon, Melbourne and I would not hesitate to fly with them.

Several others also have great records. I know I’m in more danger driving into Melbourne on the freeway than flying over an island!

Take Precautions  before booking a helicopter ride for your family:

  1. Watch the weather reports before making the helicopter ride bookings and cancel if necessary.
  2. No reputable operator will fly if the weather is too bad
  3. The tour companies won’t fly if the weather/wind conditions are bad, and the pilots also know the islands well- they fly 2-3 times per day and know the areas that are windier, have air currents, etc. Don’t forget, the pilots are in the copter, too- they don’t want to crash any more than we do.

Yes! There is risk in riding a helicopter, just like any activity or mode of transportation, but you just need to do your research on the companies and go with the one you feel best about.

We loved our helicopter tour- one of the top experiences of our lives, and we’re so glad we did it.. 

On the day of the helicopter ride for your family:

  1. Wear Appropriate and comfortable clothing suitable for the weather on the day.
  2. Avoid flowy  and silky scarfs
  3. Take your accessoiers like sunnies, camaera and so on.
  4. Bottle of water, some tissues and sickness bag
  5. For ladies and Girls out there-Avoid High Heels, Try to wear comfortable shoes.
  6. Sunglasses are a good idea as the glare off the clouds can be quite bright
  7. In the interests of security no bags are allowed on the helicopter or in the aircraft hangar/waiting room (this includes handbags and camera bags)
  8. You must bring a photo ID that matches the booked passenger name/s (Many Tours have no ID, no flight policy)

Our Product Reviews:

Is helicopter ride scary

If you’ve never flown in a helicopter before, going over water, close to cliffs, or taxiing close to the ground can exacerbate your fear. After a few minutes, it becomes less frightening as you concentrate more on the experience and less on what could go wrong. 

 Turbulence is virtually non-existent in helicopters and Chopper’s light and medium turbulence differ significantly from that of a plane.

This is because of their sleek bodies and flexible blades, helicopters ride out turbulence, so passengers don’t feel a thing! 

However, Helicopters make dramatic turns that are both visible and felt. It produces an exhilarating sensation similar to riding a rollercoaster

Noise Levels

Most of the Helicopter Rides in Australia provide the Bose noise-cancelling headsets and you can hear everything the pilot says to you on board.

Throughout the flight, you can also listen to Air Traffic Control messages. 

Because Sydney and Melbourne have the busiest airspace in Australia, you will constantly hear your pilot obtaining clearances before returning to give you their full attention.

On your flight, there is no such thing as a silly question, so don’t be afraid to ask your friendly pilot. Throughout the flight, Pilots provide a full commentary on the city your flying on, pointing out some of the hidden gems that only locals are aware of.

Most of the Heli tour Companies provides all necessary safety equipment, such as noise-cancelling Bose headsets (to block out engine and turning blade noise) and life jackets (as required by the Civil Aviation requirement when travelling over water).

In the helicopter, passengers are safely secured by the car-style safety belts.

This is very simple and easy to wear. All you have to do is sit back and relax while taking in the scenery!

Is Helicopter ride safe for kids?

Yes! It is as safe as for an adult rider.So, Is there an age limit for children? In Australia, there are no age restrictions on  Most of the Heli Tours, and children of all ages are welcome.However, before Booking make sure that your Child suits the age limit(If any ) For that particular Tour company.

Infants under the age of three must sit on the lap of an adult and use a separate restraining belt provided by Microflite.There are restrictions on the number of infants allowed on each flight.

Cost for Helicopter ride in Australia

How much does it cost for a  Helicopter ride in Australia?Adrenaline’s Helicopter Scenic Flight, 20 Minute City Orbit – Melbourne cost $175 Per person.Helicopter Rides in RedBalloon  Experience for 2 Heli tours cost around $445

If you are Keen on learning to Fly a Chopper, the cost is an average of 300-400 per 30 min slot.


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