So, You are keen on snowmobiling this winter.  

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In Australia, even though we don’t have much snow in many of the states, there are some exotic snowy mountains across Victoria, NWS and ACT that are Hot spots for winter sports and fun activities. 

I did a bit of research when it comes to Registration and permits for using over-snow vehicles in Australia.. Find out more…

Do I Need License To Drive a Snowmobile in Australia ?

You must obtain a licence or a trail permit in all Australian State parks if you want to ride a snowmobile.

To ride your snowmobile, you may be required to wear a helmet, register your vehicle, or purchase insurance.

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Can you snowmobile in Australia?

Snowmobiling is an exciting way to see the best of Australia’s spectacular winter landscapes.

A snowmobile tour can be taken at many exotic Snow Mountains with one adult driver and one passenger (adult or child) per vehicle. 

The snowmobile rides around Snowy Mountains are always a fun Outdoor activity for your family.

Now you must be wondering do I need a Licence to drive a snowmobile in Australia?

Yes, you need a Licence and Registration to ride a snowmobile in Australia.

Parks, National parks and nature reserves in Australia

National parks and nature reserves within the Alps are managed by each state or territory government.

In the past, each had its own way of dealing with the challenges of park management. 

In order to better protect the Alps, the Park agencies agreed to work together in partnership with the Australian Government.

Parks Victoria, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service(NPWS), ACT Parks Conservation and Lands and Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts have an amalgamated body that governs these areas called ‘Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program’

Buller and Falls are outside of the Australian Alps borders (Falls Creek is surrounded by Parks but the area is not part of it).  

Falls, Buller and Hotham are a resort area. They are surrounded by the Alpine National park. There are areas of State Forest near the resorts. Hotham is surrounded by the ALP. 

I would say that all rules in the Alps area’s are the same in all states and Territories in Australia.

These are the 11 parks in the Co-operative;


Alpine National Park
Snowy River National Park
Avon Wilderness
Mount Buffalo National Park
Baw Baw National Park


Koscioszko National Park
Brindabella National Park
Scabby Range Nature Reserve
Bimberi Nature Reserve


Namadgi National Park
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

Permit to ride snowmobile in Victoria

You will require this permit if you intend to use a snowmobile on any private or council land or reserve (unless the land has been designated for that purpose).

A snowmobile is any vehicle designed to be used solely on snowfields and has a motor power of its own. It does not include snowploughs, snowblowers or similar vehicles.

Eligibility requirements

You must, as an operator, have a current drivers licence (excluding a learner’s permit) and permit for use within Dinner Plains.

The snowmobile must be registered and be covered by third party insurance. You must position the number plate to the vehicle so it is easily seen and read.

Please refer to the council for details of any other requirements for this permit.

You must provide proof of a policy of insurance to the value of a least $5 million.(Source)

Permit to ride snowmobile in NSW

Each operator using an over-snow vehicle  Like snowMobile and Quad bike must hold a current motor vehicle driver’s licence and the NPWS over-snow vehicle operator’s licence.

Provisional car licences are permitted but learner’s licences are not acceptable.

Oversnow vehicle operator’s licences must be carried at all times when operating an over-snow vehicle like a snowmobile, quadbikes, all-terrains and so on.

The NPWS will issue an over-snow vehicle operator’s licence to the operator following approval of a completed application form and payment of a fee.

The NPWS licence shall become invalid should the motor vehicle driver’s licence expire or be cancelled.

Oversnow vehicle safety

Oversnow vehicles such as snowmobiles, quad Bikes and ATVs are hazardous to operator and pedestrians/skiers.

NPWS recommends :

1. The use of Australian Standard motorcycle helmets for all occupants riding on open over-snow vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATVs.

2. That the number of passengers on a snowmobile and ATV is consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. That the owner of the over-snow vehicle(s) satisfy themselves that operators of over snow vehicles are competent in the use of the vehicle.

Conditions of use of oversnow vehicles

  1. Abide by the Australian Road Rules
  2. Abide by the National Parks and Wildlife Regulation 2002
  3. Park over-snow vehicles in designated zones only
  4. Operate over snow vehicles for business purposes only
  5. Operate an over-snow vehicle on designated routes only 

Acceptable routes and snowmobile parking

Oversnow vehicles must travel on designated oversnow routes, including between Perisher Valley and Smiggin Holes.

Areas have been set aside for snowmobile parking in Perisher Valley;

Read this PDF to Check out more on acceptable Routes

Speed limits

• The pedestrian and over-snow vehicle shared zone around the Ski Tube building and Perisher Valley car park has a maximum speed limit of 20 km/h

• All other oversnow routes and designated roads in Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and Charlotte Pass have a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h

• The oversnow route from Perisher Gap to Charlotte Pass has a maximum speed limit of 60 km/h


Fees Annual vehicle registration and licensing fees are:

• over-snow vehicle operator licences – $15.00 per person per season

• snowmobile registration – $80.00 per machine per season • larger over snow machine registration (tracked, ATVs etc) – $100 per machine per season

• resort management vehicles / overnight parking – $50.00 per vehicle

• Lodge Parking Permits – $15.00 per space

• replacement registration stickers – $20.00 0 • re-registration of the same vehicle within the winter period – $20.00 per registration.

Wrapping up!

To ride a snowmobile, you must have a license or a trail permit in all Australian State parks.

Many of them require you to wear a helmet, register your snowmobile, or purchase insurance before you can hit the snowbanks with your buddies.

Having this information on hand is extremely beneficial, as you will now be prepared to follow the law no matter where your snowmobiling adventures take you!


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