Div Acharya : Influencer, Blogger & Entrepreneur

div acharya -Influencer & Blogger

LIVES IN : Melbourne Australia


  • Swanbourne University


  • Blogging & Digital Marketing

Div is the founder of pop lifestyle and has been an Influencer, Blogger & Entrepreneur since 2016


  • She is Blogger & Influencer – Home decor, travel fashion and Marketing
  • Div studied MBA at Swinburne University


Div is An influencer and a blogger who uses social media platforms and a blog to create and share content with their followers.

She leverages her personal brand to promote products, services, or ideas, and engage with their audience through various forms of content such as images, videos, and written articles.

According to Div “being an influencer and blogger requires a unique combination of creative and technical skills.” Div has excellent writing ability, is able to craft visually appealing content, and has a deep understanding of the platforms they use to reach their audience.

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Div holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia

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Div Acharya
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