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What is the difference between womens and mens golf bags- Explained

Golf is a very popular sport among both men and women alike. In reality, according to a recent poll, approximately 6 million women play golf each year in the United States, accounting for 22 percent of the total number of golfers who participate in the sport each year. 

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Given the recent accomplishments of a large number of young female golfers, this increasing trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. 

As a result, there is a growing demand for females’ golfing equipment on the marketplace. 

This article will outline the primary distinctions between male and female golf equipment, with a particular emphasis on the variations between men’s and women’s golf luggage. 

This blog will also point out the essentials that you will need if you want to include this piece of equipment in your inventory.

What Makes a Women’s Golf Stand Bag Different?

As part of our recent trip to Sydney to attend the PGA Merchandise Show, we spoke with many of the main suppliers of women’s golf bags to learn more about the differences between a women’s golf stand bag and a men’s bag.

The most significant differences seemed to boil down to three main points:

  • The bags are more fashionable and have a stronger sense of individuality.
  • The compartments on the backpacks have been designed for more particular use.
  • Female golf stand bags are shorter than male golf carry bags in order to better accommodate the shorter length of women’s golf clubs, which are more common.

Let’s start with a look at the distinctions between men’s and women’s golf bags to see what we can learn.

What to Look for when Buying a Ladies Golf Bag

Playing a game of golf this summer? 

Be sure to apply sunscreen before you go, then reapply at least once more throughout your round, to avoid burning your skin. 

Make careful to use a sunscreen with a high SPF and to apply it even if it’s overcast since dangerous UV rays may still penetrate the clouds.

Golf has long been considered a “boys sport,” one that is only enjoyed by males. 

However, it is 2015, and it is past time to abandon that line of thinking completely. 

Golf, for example, is becoming more popular among women, who are engaging in and even dominating sports that were formerly considered to be exclusively male. 

As a result of the continuous rise in popularity of golf among women, golf businesses have significantly increased their marketing efforts to target female golfers in general and female golfers in particular when it comes to all things golf, particularly accessories.

In a world when there are so many different alternatives available, it might be tough to choose a nice golf bag that fulfils all of the requirements of the individual. 

If you’re looking to purchase this vital golf item, there are several factors to think about. 

Several golf bags have been created expressly for female golfers; the key distinctions between these bags and their male counterparts are the design, colour, kind, and weight of the bag.

Because of the variations in size and colour between men’s and women’s golf bags, many producers simply adjust the size (for example, by making it 1″ shorter) and the colour to designate the bag as a women’s bag. 

Birdie Babe Golf, for example, is one of just a few of firms that manufactures solely for female golfers.

Cart bags, carry/stand bags, and hybrid bags are the options available to women. 

Carry/stand bags are often sold with a single strap that is worn over the shoulder, but they may also be bought with a double strap that allows the bag to be worn like a backpack, which is generally considered to be more comfortable for the back. 

The twin straps make it easy to carry a heavy weight around. 

Bags with a stand, which are normally included with the purchase, are a popular option for female golfers, even those who use a cart. 

This is because they are lightweight and relatively pleasant to carry, as well as being simple to get in and out of a vehicle. 

Cart bags are specifically meant to be used on a cart and nothing else. 

They may have a single strap for transporting them from your vehicle, but they are often heavy and cumbersome, and were not meant to be transported on the golf course. 

Hybrid bags are a modern design that combines the functionality of both the cart bag and the stand bag into a single bag. 

It is designed to be used mostly on a cart or pull cart, but it also includes a stand that can be used on the driving range or anywhere else where you need to put anything down so it doesn’t fall over. In the past several years, this has become a highly popular design.

There are a plethora of alternatives accessible for ladies who are looking for the appropriate purse for their needs. 

There are plenty fantastic alternatives to pick from in terms of style, design, colour, convenience of use, and other factors. 

Now that you’ve learned about some of the distinctions between the many types of bags, go out and shop!

The following features are included with the Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand Bag: 1.

A mid-size bag with a lot of features and a low weight of 3.7 pounds is a good deal.

There are four apertures at the top of the 9′′ flared top, which maximises the amount of club area available.

Dual-strap system with thick, high-density foam developed exclusively by Sun Mountain. Designed with a wider shoulder blade at the top of the shoulder for improved comfort.

Height is one inch shorter than the equivalent for males. With nine compartments, including a full-length garment pocket, a hydration bag, and a valuables pocket lined with velour.

Several colour options are available for the Sun Mountain Women’s 2021 3.5 LS Bag, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Majek Premium Ladies Black Teal Golf Bag

Front putter sleeve with 9.5-inch graphite-friendly divider and a 14-way top.

The bag has two utility raise handles one on each side of the top and one at the bottom. a velour-lined valuables pocket and an extra-large insulated hydration bottle compartment are included among the 9 additional zipped pockets

Strap with an elastic band to fasten the strap while not in use, padded at the back.

The umbrella holder, towel ring, and rain hood cover are all included. Dobby nylon is a lightweight fabric.
5.2-pound weight loss
36.5″ high, 9.5″ wide, and 13″ long

The first step is to get a basic set of golf clubs. As a novice, you don’t need to buy anything extravagant. Visit a sports goods retailer in your city or you can even look at Amazon. Amazon has some amazing Golf Clubs that I used as a Beginner. 

As a beginner, you don’t need to buy very expensive Golf clubs, instead of it’s awesome and cost-effective to start with Cheaper Clubs.

You may try out several of their women’s golf clubs, and they will assist you in selecting the right shaft for your swing. 

Choose the flex type that feels the most natural when swinging the club, and then utilise that flex type on all of your clubs.

Let me clarify what a flex in a golf shaft truly is. The flex of a golf shaft affects the accuracy, trajectory, and distance of each shot you take. 

There’s a cliché in golf that the shaft is the golf club’s engine. The best way to maximise the performance of your golf clubs is to use the flex in your shafts.

For example, when My partner & I first started golfing, I used the most flexible shaft available since I didn’t hit the golf ball as far as I do today. 

That is most likely the best option for ladies who are just starting out in golf. However, if you have a rapid swing speed, you should use a stiffer flex shaft.

best Golf bag for Women
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02/18/2024 12:04 am GMT

List of Golf clubs for Beginners from Amazon.

1. Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set-Purple

2. Tour Edge 2020 Lady Edge Full Set Violet Grey White

3. Precise M3 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs- Blue

The clubs are a great size for the 5.0+ to 5.5′ girls.  

Trust me, They absolutely love them, especially the driver. The clubs are nice and lite due to the composite shafts. The bag is good looking and very functional.

The clubs were individually wrapped for protection. A great value for a beginner.


A common misconception is that golf is only for males, yet this is not true at all.

According to statistics, there are around 6 million female golfers in the United States, a figure that is rising steadily.

Like the PGA, there is also a women’s professional golf association called the LPGA. The LPGA has seen a slew of female golfers win championships and hold them for several seasons.

As the number of women golfers rises, we can expect a rise in the demand for women’s golf equipment.

However, what distinguishes the accessories and equipment used by female players?

The disparities in golf bags between men and women may pique your interest, especially if you are one of the many individuals who are curious about the distinctions between men and women’s golf equipment.

It’s true that a golf bag is a must-have item for every serious golfer. What are you going to do with fourteen golf clubs if you don’t have one of these?

So, what do we have to lose? Explore the differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs in order to better answer our original question.


One of the first things that spring to mind when discussing the differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs is the weight.

We can all agree that most women are smaller in stature than men, thus golf bag manufacturers have taken this into account when designing equipment for female golfers.

Smaller people may bear less weight since their bodies are lighter.
This is why most women’s golf clubs available for purchase are somewhat smaller in size than men’s golf clubs, as is common knowledge.

Even though the bags aren’t heavy, they’re made of tough and lightweight materials, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking quickly.


The size is the second most important factor to consider when comparing men’s and women’s golf bags. Even when it comes to golf clubs, men’s clubs are much longer than women’s clubs.

As a result, because golf bags serve primarily as storage containers for golf clubs, the same logic should apply to them.

Women’s golf bags are usually smaller since the clubs you put in them will be better protected that way.


Could it be argued that women carry more than men?

When that’s the case, you’ll note the next distinction between women’s and men’s golf bags is storage.

Most women’s golf bags contain a greater number of compartments than men’s golf bags do. This is done to make room for the jewellery that women like wearing.


The design and colour are the most apparent differences between men’s and women’s golf bags, but there are a few more as well.

Intricate patterns adorn women’s golf bags, giving them an upscale look and feel that complements their unique personalities and tastes.

Just to be clear, we’re not arguing that males lack taste or sophistication. It’s only that a woman’s golf bag has a greater degree of opulence due to the design.

Choose between paisley, polka dot, or any other pattern that is your fav

In addition, the colour of a golf bag may tell you if it belongs to a lady or a male. Depending on the gender, a woman’s purse may be anything from bare to all-solid pinks to various colours of purple.

However, a male golf bag is more likely to be all-black, or at least feature black and blue or silver accents.

The main differences  between men’s and women’s Golf bags seemed to come down to three Vitalthings:

  • The Women’s bags are more stylish and have greater personality
  • The pockets of the bags are tailored to more specialized uses
  • Women’s golf stand bags are shorter than men’s golf carry bags to provide a better fit for the shorter length of women’s clubs

Are these Golf bags Unisex styles?  

Let’s not waste time debating the merits of men’s and women’s golf bags in this section. Instead, let’s talk about whether golf bags are gender neutral.

We’re aware that some golfers aren’t too particular about the look of their golf bags.

In both genders, there are those who don’t want to seem overly feminised or too masculine.
Because of this, golf bag manufacturers have also developed unisex models. They may be used by both you and your companion, making them more useful.

I’ll give you a huge Y-E-S to the question, “Are golf bags unisex?” There is no one who can stop them from becoming unisex.

No more worrying about whether your golf bag is a ladies’ or a gent’s bag with these unisex models. Let’s take a look at some of the top unisex golf bags to help you enjoy them even more!

This is the bag to buy if you don’t care about the gender distinction in golf bags.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Gender inequalities in golf bags is not overlooked.

We really hope that this article helped clarify the differences between women’s golf bags and men’s golf bags.

To all the men and women golfers out there: 

Have fun!


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