Can you smoke on a golf course ? Tips to Smoke on Golf course

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Many  new  golfers   wants to know this.” Can I Smoke on Golf Course and any specific Tips & Etiquette  to Smoke on Golf course”.

Well, On the golf course, enjoying a cool drink and a smoke is still allowed. Alcohol and smoking may not be the healthiest pastimes, yet people nevertheless do them.

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 In order to avoid annoying your fellow golfers, use these guidelines, Tips and Smoking Etiquette.

“Golf and cigars go together like a hand in a glove,” said Dale Taylor of Tacoma, president of the Cigar Association of Washington, a smokers’ rights groups. “That may be the only time some people smoke.”

Smoking Tips to follow

To smoke, follow these steps:

First and foremost tip is to Check if smoking is allowed on golf course you are going to. Many Golf Clubs do allow smoking and Many do not. Check it before Going there If you intend to smoke and Drink. Check the Club Rules and Etiquette section on the website Or call them. 

Smoking Suggestions:

Continue to wear the band until the cigar burns out. Removing a tenaciously bonded band might result in splitting of the wrapper and a less-than-pleasant experience.

Slowly inhale! When you smoke too quickly, you get burned, harsh tastes, so take your time and savour the smoke.

Toss your cigar if it goes out for more than 30 minutes and light another one.

The longer a cigar sits out, the harsher/stale the taste will be when you relight it.

It should go without saying, but don’t inhale.

Cigars are best appreciated by keeping the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds before blowing it out via your nose or mouth.

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Choosing the Best  and Appropriate Cigar for Golf session:

While there are dozens of options available, here are a few to consider.

Choose a cigar that is simple to light and keep lighted, as well as simple to enjoy. This entails leaving the tiny and thin cigars at home.

They burn too quickly and too hotly, and they are difficult to keep lighted.

Cigars with a larger ring gauge are your best companions in the elements and on the golf course.

You should also choose a light to medium cigar, as smoking a nicotine bomb in the blazing heat will rapidly ruin your game.

Cigar-Smoking Etiquette on the Golf Course

Golfing and smoking cigars are two of some people’s favourite pastimes. Why not have both at the same time, we argue? There is no law that says you can’t enjoy your favourite cigarette while still playing your favourite game, but there are certain etiquette guidelines to observe.

Don’t smoke at a club that forbids smoking cigarettes On the grounds of several golf clubs, smoking is prohibited. Don’t smoke even if you disagree with their decision. You’ll appear like a punk. Save it for later, when you’re home.

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Here are some basic guidelines about smoking cigars on the golf course.

1. Take Care of Where You Place Your Cigar

You may be confronted with the dilemma of where to lay your cigar in between strokes. One of the most essential laws of cigar-smoking etiquette on the links is to never place a burning cigar on the putting greens. 

Don’t leave it on the golf cart, and don’t leave ashes anywhere on the greens. 

So, where should you light off your smouldering stogie? Purchase a cigar holder that is specifically intended for this purpose. Keep it in your mouth if it doesn’t impede with your swing.

Smoking Buttons should not be dropped on the ground. Golfers who litter are despised. 

Even though it is convenient, throwing butts on the ground is in poor taste. No butts implies you were too lazy to wait and dispose of them in a trash container, which is against golf etiquette.

2. Be Mindful of Other Players

Keep an eye on the wind’s direction. Don’t puff away carelessly, without paying attention to where your smoke is blowing. 

Place yourself so that your smoke does not go in the way of anyone else’s face. 

Before you get into the golf cart, ask your cart-mate whether they mind if you light up. Bring enough cigars to share with all of the participants.

Other gamers shouldn’t be directly close to you when smoking. Your party members will appreciate it if you arrange yourselves such that your cigarette smoke drifts away from you. 

In the presence of non-smokers, it’s best to enquire if it’s alright to smoke as well as you. Passive smoking opponents will not be offended.

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3. Get the Proper Way to Light It

Some cigar enthusiasts may insist on lighting with a match, but being outside on a windy day might make this impossible. 

Bring a butane or torch lighter, preferably one that is windproof. Light the stogie evenly by slowly spinning and blowing on it while exposing the end to the flame. 

Never use a cigarette lighter since it will never do justice to a cigar and will also damage the flavour.

4. No smoking on the green! 

Also, don’t ash them. Still, you’ll look great with the cigarette in your mouth, so why not? 

Not exactly what you had in mind. The golf cart has cigarette holders if you have to set it down. However, it may be damp or chemically treated lately, making it difficult to lay it down in the rough.

Do not extinguish your cigar and discard it on the green, fairway, or cart path. 

Instead, stomp the cigar out on the cart route. If you have water in the cart, pour it over the cigar to ensure it’s completely out. 

Then, take the cigar to the nearest garbage bin. Make sure it’s fully out and then dispose of it. Smoldering cigars on parched golf courses can burn the grass or forested areas, so use caution while disposing of your nub.

5. Concentrate on the Game and Relax

You did bring cigars to savour on the golf course, but smoking takes a back place to hitting. 

Relax, have fun with your pals, breathe in some fresh air, and take in the views. You may always reflect on your performance with another cigar and a few drinks in the clubhouse.

Cigar smoking should improve the golfing experience rather than detract from it. If you follow appropriate etiquette when it comes to both your golf game and your cigar, the day will undoubtedly be memorable.

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When golfing, how do you hold your cigar?

STORAGE – While you can simply store your cigars in a ziplock bag, having a crush-resistant container that fits conveniently in your golf bag is a safer alternative. 

Also, you never know when you’ll be paired up with another cigar enthusiast, so keep a few extras on hand to share or swap

CIGAR HOLDERS – You can’t hold your cigar in your mouth for the entire round, and putting it in the chemical-laden grass isn’t a good idea either. 

Cigar wrappers are delicate, so you’ll need a secure spot to rest the cigar so it doesn’t roll away and shatter. 

We recommend the Cigar Minder, which can be found HERE. The Cigar Minder allows you to attach your cigar to your golf cart, golf bag, or even your putter, protecting it from harm and those awful chemicals.

Having the Right Equipment is Vital

You’ll need some equipment to cut, light, handle, and store your cigars now that you’ve got a good variety ready to go.

CIGAR CUTTERS – There’s no need to buy a costly cutter when most cigar shops sell inexpensive guillotine cutters for a few dollars that function just fine. 

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, we have a 64 ring gauge gun metal cutter in our store HERE. When cutting your cigar, only remove the very tip (cap) of the cigar; cutting too low might cause the wrapper to unravel.

LIGHTERS – Many cigar enthusiasts extol the virtues of lighting a cigar with a wooden match and toasting it to perfection. On the golf course, though, all that is required is to get it lighted and keep it burning. 

Torch lighters are the way to go in this situation. While torch lighters can have one to five jets, double or triple jet torches are the most effective. Check out the JetLine Triple Flame Torch, which sells for around $15-$20

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