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Can A Golf Simulator Improve My Game?

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Most  golfers   play for fun, but they still want to improve their game and beat their friends.

Nobody wants to be the guy who shoots more than one hundred.

A golf simulator provides not only the opportunity to improve, but also the ability to play 365 days a week. 

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Some people will buy a golf simulator for pure entertainment, while others are looking to improve their game and gain a competitive advantage.

When I was researching for the same , I wanted both the fun and the game improvement.

Is a golf simulator capable of improving my game? Without a doubt, a golf simulator can help you improve your game. 

One of the primary difficulties with golf is finding time to practise on a daily basis.  

With a golf simulator, you can practise in the comfort of your own home or garage, cutting down on travel time and daily costs while improving your game.

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Green synthetic practice mats are the worst thing for your golf game that I know of. You can hit six inches behind the ball and not even know it, because the ball still gets airborne. Practice nets are awful, too. Swing a weighted club instead.”- Lee Trevino

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How Time Aided My Golf Game Improvement

Time is a significant issue for the vast majority of people attempting to improve their golf game. 

Let’s be honest: striking a balance between work, family, and fun can be difficult. 

A typical round of golf, if you’re lucky, will last four hours. 

Due to my location in the Southern part of. Australia , I play an average of 30-50 rounds of golf per year.

I’ve played over 200-250 rounds of simulator golf in the last 18 months and probably practise or play at least 25 days a month. 

As a result, my ball striking has significantly improved.

A significant advantage is that when the weather warms up in November-December here, my golf game is already strong as a result of the numerous rounds and time spent practising.

This does not include travel time to and from the course, as well as a warm-up period, which many participants forego due to time constraints.

With a golf simulator in your home, travel time is reduced and a round of simulator golf can be completed in about an hour or less. Once the software is mastered, the time required is frequently less than an hour.

How Practicing on a Golf Simulator on a Daily Basis Aided in Improving My Golf Game

As a young golfer, I was guilty of taking for granted the opportunity to practise every day.

Now that I’m an adult, having the opportunity to practise every day is helping me to improve my game.

The ability to set aside 20 minutes to practise 8 irons or 20 minutes to practise hitting a beautiful draw with the driver is beneficial, and when you combine that with the instant feedback and analytics, it is impossible not to make improvements.

“If I had more time, I could be a better golfer,” is the most common statement I hear from friends who play golf. This is something I agree with because many people are restricted in how often they can practise.

How I was able to improve my driver and irons by participating in Golf Simulator Rounds

An average 3-4-hour round of golf consists of 14 tee shots with the driver, the only feedback being the flight of the ball and an estimated distance travelled by it.

In a two-hour golf simulator practise session or round, there are numerous additional opportunities to improve your game.

Through receiving feedback on each and every shot and working to improve my swing, I’ve been able to add length to my driver as a result of being able to maximise my launch angle and spin rate.

I’ve also gained additional length in my sand wedge. I am currently able to work the ball both right to left and left to right with the driver and 3 woods, which will allow me to hit more fairways in a shorter time frame.

Irons are the area where I have seen the most potential for improvement. It has been a significant improvement in the consistency of my iron shots, and I am now able to hit the ball solidly 95 percent of the time.

Because of the daily practise with irons, I’ve become a better putter, as evidenced by the shorter putts I’m making as a result of the closer proximity to the hole.

The start line of the irons has been the most significant change, as I am now able to start the iron shot to the right and play a slight draw more consistently. 1-3 percent of the right path has been developed through daily practise, and this is the result of that.

There is a slight draw as a result of the club face being closed to the path that leads to the target line and the path being open to it. One final point to mention about the irons is that the distance control has been improved as well.

There is good feedback on the distance you are hitting with each iron, and it allows you to narrow down the average distance you are hitting irons versus the maximum distance that many people rely on, which leaves them consistently short of the target.

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What Exactly Happened to My Putting and Golf Simulation Equipment?

This is one area in which the use of simulator golf hasn’t made a significant difference, at least not yet. 

While many people choose to play tournaments on a golf simulator with putting, I prefer to turn on gimmies within a specific range in order to maximise my time hitting more full shots or chips.

In terms of setting up the game, these are my  preferences.

As a result, I have more time to hit full shots, and I’ve noticed the benefits. If you have access to a golf simulator, you will be able to make an informed decision after practising your putting.

While it is advantageous to be able to read greens on the software, putting can be time consuming and slow down a round. I am now able to complete an 18-hole round of golf on my golf simulator in 30-40 minutes, which is a significant improvement.

There are various settings that allow you to take two putts whenever you hit the green or one putt every 4-6 feet depending on your distance from the hole.

The Issue with Traditional Instructional Methods

When trying to improve your game, it is common advice to seek assistance from a PGA professional in your local area.

While I wholeheartedly agree with your advice, I believe that one of the major gaps in this advice is the failure to put into action the swing changes that your coach is recommending.

People who do not have the time to devote to their game frequently believe that the PGA teaching professional has misled them.

One of the really cool things about youtube and golf nowadays is that everyone now has access to the many great instructors all over the country, which is a fantastic resource.

Numerous top PGA teaching pros will offer online lessons, either through Skype or a simulator, or by recording your swing and allowing them to complete a swing analysis, as well as prescribing drills that will help you improve your game.

Tips to Improve your Golf Simulator

What suggestions would I make to help you get the most out of your golf simulator improvement?

Some of the most recent research on what actually helps us improve at golf has found that having the opportunity to play the game in environments with trees, water, and sand traps nearby is beneficial.

The temptation to just sit there and hit shot after shot is strong, but research has shown that playing is the most effective method. 

– Simulator golf is a fantastic alternative for those who are constrained by factors such as weather, time, or money restrictions. 

Maintain a high level of activity and attempt to hit as many shots as you possibly can during a round. 

The visualisation that carries over to the course, as well as the confidence gained from consistent ball striking, can be transferred.

Two major takeaways from my experience using a golf simulator that helped me improve my game:

Because of the large amount of data and immediate feedback provided after each shot, I was able to determine that my starting line was an excessively large variable to consider. 

By focusing on my path and reducing the overall amount of spin applied to the ball, I’ve been able to pinpoint my sweet spot, which has a club path of approximately 3 degrees and a spin axis ranging from -3 to -12 degrees.

This results in a slight drawn that only occasionally crosses over the target line as a result of the technique. Being able to reduce the amount of miss left has aided me in playing golf rather than practising golf swing. 

I am capable of navigating my way through a course. Another important factor is the speed with which the ball travels. 

I am better able to control my distances when the ball speed is consistent, and as a result, I am hitting more greens. These two pieces of information, which were easily accessible through a golf simulator, assisted me in lowering my scores.

Final Thoughts

Summary In general, golfers all over the world enjoy the game and participate in it for the enjoyment, camaraderie, and fun competitions that it provides for all of us. 

The golf simulator has provided a way for people to enjoy golf throughout the year without being hindered by inclement weather such as snow, rain, or cold.

Any sport, from bowling to archery to basketball, requires a lot of practise and skill development to see significant improvements.

When you combine the right amount of time with the most amount of feedback and data possible, you have the perfect recipe for improvement.

The ability to practise frequently and receive immediate feedback, while following some high-quality instructors online and utilising their services, will allow one to improve and become more proficient.

The amount of enjoyment I have gained from using the golf simulator with my family and friends has added to my overall enjoyment of life, while also helping me to improve at the game I enjoy.


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