5 ways to Stay Cool on Golf Course This Summer- Tips & Tricks

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If it’s 100+ degrees outside, you’ll almost certainly be sweating by the second hole. You’ll want to carry a couple of extra towels, water, energizer, sunscreen, and drinks with you just in case.

In this blog, I am writing down tips to combat the heat in summer while golfing. I Know, We women want to look presentable in spite of the heat and golfing. 

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So, here are the 7 Nifty Tips for women to stay cool and Gorgeous while golfing during summertime.

In order to keep you cool on the fairway this summer, here are some suggestions:

1.Wear Light Colored Clothes & Light Makeup, ladies

Even while it may seem like a no-brainer, wearing darker colours (black, navy blue, etc.) can attract the sun’s rays, making you feel even hotter than the temperature outdoors. 

Some golf polo shirts are made of unique moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep you cool and dry at the same time, so try to wear lighter summer golf clothing to prevent overheating on the golf course this summer.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the course in order to maintain your cool. Also, make sure that you apply Appropriate make up. Avoid too much of Foundation and too much of eye makeup.

Light colours should be preferred over dark colours to reflect the sun’s heat, while breathable sportswear and athletic clothing may aid in wicking away perspiration and allowing your body to breathe more easily. 

Make Up

Keep your makeup light and simple. Keep you makeup limited to light foundation, dab of powder and contouring. Light and Nude Lipstick and Bit of Mascara and Eyeshadow.

The Best Ways to Prevent Your Makeup From Melting in the Summer

Reduce the amount of makeup you wear. So,  As the temperature rises, the weight of your cosmetic bag should decrease.

Instead of foundation, experiment with concealer. Experts recommend that you “spot hide” when you are in need to apply makeup and you will be outdoors for long time.

Choose Long-Lasting Products,  Instead of powdering too much , blot, Layer It On.,Prime your skin before applying makeup on and finally  Use A Setting Spray- this is awesome. You need it especially if you are going to stay outdoors play golf for long hours.

Hair do:

Keep your hair Tied in a Ponytail ( if you have longer hair ) Or Messy Bun will do too. If you have shorter hair keep it nicely brushed. Either way , before your golf trip you make sure that you wash your hair. 

Golfing with Long hair or semi long hair.

Well, Just stop caring about how your hair looks on the golf course, it’s not a fashion show. Can we? We ladies do care about how we look even on the Golf course.

Here are some quick tips for your hairdo for Golfing:

  • Put it into a ponytail. Nothing worse than having long hair and wearing a hat without it pulled back.
  • Or use a bandana. 
  • You can even wear a hat over that.
  • a tight bun with a visor might look nice. i don’t see how you could stand having your hair down golfing in the summer. as a lady, i absolutely have to tie it up or it’s too hot and gets in the way.
  • Speaking from experience here. I’ve had long hair for years and it is an issue while outdoors playing any sort of game including golf.

2.Stay well hydrated

To stay cool on the fairway when it’s hot, the golden rule is to have drinking water handy. 

Doctors suggest that you drink two litres of water every day, but if you’re out on the course for five hours in the heat of the day, you’ll definitely need more than that. 

At the absolute least, it is recommended that you take a long drink for every hit you take on the weed.

Water is essential, particularly on a hot summer day when the temperature is high. Make sure to include multiple cold water bottles in your golf bag to keep you hydrated. 

Being dehydrated while on the course is not a pleasant experience. Having cold water in your system can help to keep your body pleasant and cool when you’re doing sports or exercising. 

Continue to consume water on a regular basis throughout your round. 

On these hot days, try to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages such as beer, soda, and coffee since they can dehydrate you even more rapidly.

3.Do not miss on sunscreen

Playing a game of golf this summer? Be sure to apply sunscreen before you go, then reapply at least once more throughout your round, to avoid burning your skin. 

Make careful to use a sunscreen with a high SPF and to apply it even if it’s overcast since dangerous UV rays may still penetrate the clouds.

4.Reapply your Sunscreen:

During summer, you need to reapply sunscreen every 90 Minutes of your Golf play.

We understand—your fear about reapplying sunscreen derives from the unpleasant sensation of piling anything additional on top of your awesome Makeup.

After all, an awful finish that sits on our skin all day is a no-no in our book, but it should not discourage you from adequately protecting your skin from tanning, pigmentation, premature ageing, and even skin cancer.

Tips to Reapply sunscreen while on the golf course.

Just Mist your face with Sunscreen:Use a spray-on sunscreen

If you’re not a fan of slathering liquid sunscreen over your makeup, mist your face with SPF

Bear in mind that you’re not just spritzing a mid-day refreshment all over your face—you’ll need a considerable quantity (about seven to ten spritzes) to ensure your skin is protected evenly, and gently press the mixture into your skin rather than rubbing it in.

It’s a simple matter of gliding it on:

Before you wince at the notion of sliding over your skin with a sunscreen stick, hear us out. This is an excellent idea for individuals who go without foundation on a regular basis or for those who wear little makeup out. 

Rather of getting your hands dirty when reapplying sunscreen, go for a transparent sunscreen stick that’s ideal for touch-ups, such as Shiseido’s Clear sunscreen. What does it dot? It responds favourably to touch with sweat/water, which contributes to its effectiveness.

A sunscreen powder is a lifesaver 

During these hot summer and Golfing times, sunscreen Powder is the best deal, even more so if your oily skin isn’t a fan of liquid/spray-on formulas.

How to use it:

– Tap first and blend onto the back of both hands to prevent wrinkling and to help start the brush dispenser
– Buff well onto the face
– Set with organic rose facial mist like Evanhealy Rose HydroSoul or Badger Damascus Rose Balancing Mist

In a nutshell, adhere to the following fundamental SPF rules:

UV-protected primers, moisturisers, foundations, and other makeup/skincare products are insufficient to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Always use sunscreen on top of your skincare, and before applying makeup—one can never have ‘enough’ UV protection.

Keep an eye out for the term “broad-spectrum” on the label of your sunscreen. This implies that it will be able to shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays—the former induces tanning, while the latter causes sunburn.

4.Choose the right time for Golfing

If you want to avoid the heat and don’t mind getting up early in the morning, book an early tee time at the course. As a result, there will be much more shade and the temperature will be significantly lower than it would be later in the day. 

You should also think about playing on a golf course that is close to the water so that you can enjoy the refreshing air. 

You’ll be able to complete more quickly if you do it this way, before the humidity becomes unbearable in the middle of the day.

Take advantage of the cooler temperatures by teeing off early in the morning or late in the evening. 

Early tee times are ideal if you don’t mind waking up early in the morning to escape the most intense rays of the sun and make it back to the clubhouse in time for a well-deserved lunch. 

A late tee time is perfect if you want to get in nine holes before the sun sets.

5.Keep a Light & Cooling Towel with you

It is impossible to play golf without bringing a golf cooling towel along with you. It keeps your clubs clean and enables you to maintain a tacky and comfortable grip on your clubs while on the course.

While most amateur golfers have a golf towel connected to their bag, only a small percentage of them use it to their advantage. Instead, they use a hard wire brush to wipe the club-face when a much less abrasive alternative would suffice.

A wet towel is a must-have on the golf course because it allows the golfer to quickly wipe dirt and filth from the grooves of the iron after each stroke, ensuring that the club is ready for the next shot. 

When dealing with slippery grips, a golf towel may be used to quickly restore their tackiness by wiping them down and drying them.

It may not seem like the most obvious item to bring, but having a towel on hand to wipe away perspiration may be a lifesaver when the sweat begins to seep into your eyes. 

A tiny cute hand towel should be plenty for all of your sweat requirements, and it will fit nicely in your golf bag.

Here is the small list of cool Girly  Golf  Top 5 Towels you can purchase from Amazon.

1. Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel

2. Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel

3. Soft Microfiber Golf Towel Pink Flamingo Breathable Chilly Towel

4.Perfshot Golf Towel and Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner

5. PXTIDY Golf Gifts for Women Men Putt Now Wine Later Golf Towel


Maintain a healthy level of electrolytes. Take a few of energy drinks with you to help keep your electrolytes levels up while you’re out exploring. 

Hydrating with electrolytes is an excellent method to provide your body with just what it needs, so stock up on Powerade and Lucozade Sport before you go out on your adventure.

While playing a round of golf, you should consume the following beverages:

Drinks that are isotonic

You lose electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, and potassium in addition to water when you sweat because of the heat. 

These electrolytes aid in the maintenance of fluid balance, the transmission of nerve impulses, and the contraction of muscles, all of which are critical for athletic performance.


Water is the most essential item you should consume throughout your round, and this is a very clear statement. According to the experts, you should consume 250-500ml before the round begins and 125-250ml every 15-30 minutes while on the course throughout the round.

Obviously, some players perspire more than others, and other players perspire less. Accordingly, depending on which group you fall into, your fluid intake should be adjusted accordingly.

According to a new research, as we begin to sweat, our body’s ability to retain water decreases. Our muscular speed, strength, coordination, and capacity to make clear choices would be negatively impacted if these levels decrease by even a little amount (2 percent).

Due to the fact that these variables account for 95 percent of the game, it is essential that you stay hydrated when playing golf; this is particularly important during those hot summer days.

7.Accessorise well, hunny

When it comes to golf course fashion, more is more, so make sure you include a few extra items in your golf bag. 

Sunglasses may provide additional protection for your eyes, and a hat can assist to avoid skin cancer and sunburn. 

Extra shade may be obtained by bringing a golfing umbrella.

In addition to the standard clothing and footwear, you may accessorise with additional items if you so want. 

You may shield your eyes from the sun by using polarised sunglasses while you are out on the course on bright sunny days.

In addition to your shirt and pants, you may accessorise with a matching belt. If you wish to wear jewellery, go for a modest and basic piece that complements your outfit. 

Avoid wearing lengthy necklaces or earrings when playing since they may get tangled and cause you difficulty.

Wearing a golf glove is also recommended in order to prevent developing calluses or blisters on your hand. 

If you want to wear a watch while playing on the course, be sure it is both water- and sweat-resistant before purchasing one.

As for the hats, we have already discussed what to wear and which ones to avoid. Wearing beanies, cowboy hats, or fancy fedoras is not recommended.

It may be extremely simple and enjoyable to dress appropriately for the occasion and to have appropriate golfing gear when you have a wide selection of choices and designs to pick from.

Your ideal clothing may be found by searching for it according to the typical styles and designs. 

Women golfers have a plethora of choices when it comes to finding the right outfit for them since the golf industry has grown so much, and there are so many designers and businesses devoted to creating clothing and various types of gear just for golfers.

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