Are Hoodies Appropriate on The Golf Course

Are Hoodies Appropriate on The Golf Course?

Contrary to popular belief—or perhaps it should be: Hoodies on the golf course? With golf participation on the decline, golf organisations are scrambling to think of creative ways to attract more young players to the game. 

The fact is that fewer children are taking up the sport and participating regularly, leaving the industry to wonder what the future holds for golf.

If you enquire about the state of affairs at any golf club, you will almost certainly learn that memberships are also declining. 

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If we look at Google Trends, we can see that interest in the sport continues to decline year after year.

And, while golf remains a massive global sport, its popularity has dwindled significantly over the last decade.

Some say Yes! it’s Ok while others argue It’s Not OK. Allow the debate to commence.

Well, Tyrell Hatton won a professional golf tournament some time ago. He won the BMW PGA Championship at the Wentworth Club, a European Tour event held annually.

Tyrell Hatton is one of the world’s best golfers, currently ranked #10 on the Official World Golf Ranking, and this tournament, which was held in his native England, was a special victory for him. 

He even recreated a photograph he took as a child to commemorate the occasion. This, however, was not the takeaway from the golf tournament.

The story and subsequent discussion focused on Tyrell Hatton’s attire. Hatton wore an Adidas hoodie on the final round. 

Autumn weather in England can be unpredictable, wet, and cold, so Hatton’s hoodie makes sense. So, This did not sit well with certain private golf clubs and members of the media.

This golf club in England issued the following statement: “In light of Tyrell Hatton’s recent success and fashion statement, and in light of subsequent discussions, may I draw your attention to the Club’s dress code and reiterate that “hoodies” are not acceptable golf attire for Wearside Golf Club, any more than designer ripped jeans are. I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings regarding this subject.”

This quotation from a private club sparked considerable debate. Consider both sides of the debate.

The Golf Hoodie Controversy Continues

Is it acceptable for players to wear hoodies? Should you wear one while you’re on the field? Yes, I say emphatically” YES”. We should not be concerned with what people, particularly professional golfers, wear on the golf course. I’m not saying golf should have no dress code, but how can someone wearing a golf hoodie, designed specifically for golfers, be an issue?

Rory McIlroy recently wore a hoodie during the ZOZO Championship, putting this debate to rest.

However, I believe we should discuss Harold Varner III’s comments on the hoodie debate.

Varner responded to the debate with a tweet, saying, “The issue with golf is that we’re talking about a  hoodie.” 

My tweet had nothing to do with a hoodie; it’s the fact that we’re discussing a hoodie and not how we’re going to grow the game. 

That’s the part that makes me laugh, man, because some people are bitter. They desire that it be a certain way.“

People are notoriously resistant to change and golf is no exception. HVIII is correct in his assessment that golf should not be a relic of the past and that certain policies, such as a dress code, should look to the future.

Hoodies are popular among young people, including myself. How can golf expect to grow and expand if it continues to restrict golfers and tell them they cannot even wear hoodies?

The answer is that courses will close due to insufficient revenue generation.

In the last decade, approximately 800 golf courses have closed in the United States, and golf requires increased participation to remain viable.

Is Wearing Hoodie at Golf is Unprofessional ?

I’m a firm believer in being at ease with your golf swing. Determine what feels right and contributes to your success. To win tournaments, you do not need a cookie-cutter swing.

The same can be said for your course attire. Especially when the weather isn’t pleasant. 

It’s not always easy to layer properly while still being able to swing the club. A hoodie is an excellent solution to this. 

They are typically a little loose, which means you can layer underneath and still have plenty of room to move around without feeling suffocated. 

Additionally, you can grab a tighter hoodie and layer it with something waterproof.

Enjoy Golfing!

Golf is a game that, in my opinion, anyone can enjoy, but everyone should feel at ease on the golf course.

To a certain extent, golfers should not have to worry about the dress code.

Respect for golf a sport and its traditions should not be limited to adherence to a dress code. It should be defined by how golfers behave on the golf course, their attitude towards the game, and their character in general.

Yes, you should be allowed to wear a hoodie on the golf course. Yes, professionals should as well. No, you do not need to spend $150 on one; instead, save it for the course. Now go out there and ring in the new year on the course… in a hoodie, of course.

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