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ARE Golf Shoes worth it?

When you are golfing, before you have even hit a golf ball you can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars  on golf equipments and gears.

Golf shoes are one of the golf accessories that you can get from the start.

Some types of shoes can cost centuries, like everything in golf.

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But are they worth golf shoes? Except for a few more elite golf courses, golf shoes are not mandatory.

Trainers or sneakers can be used for golf, however, golf shoes are better suited in damp and uneven conditions. Golf shoes sell for $35/$40 and $300/$350 in two ways – spiked and spike-less shoes.

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Why Your choice of footwear is so

vital when playing golf.

When you swing a golf club, your shoes sole are the only point of touch with the floor, and hence if you have a bad grip and slip, you can’t shoot well.

It’s that straightforward. The main element of the golf swing is a reversed move. One way – back – you turn your body and legs – and turn them forwards.

You will need to wear shoes, which give you enough grip to hold your feet, while completing these movements and weight transfer through the whole golf swing.

So you’ll just slip, make a horrible swing, take a bad shot, and perhaps even wind up your back if you lose the balance enough when you wear shoes without a grip on the floor.

Golf shoes are created specifically to ensure that you are in good grip during the whole golf swing and that all golfers have to worry about one of the two major parts of the grip.

A decent pair of sneakers or trainers cannot give a good hold as well. That’s not to imply.

They can, of course, but there are several more things that you need to consider when determining whether or not to buy a pair of golf shoes.

It is reasonable that, if the soil is wet, it will be as difficult as tyres/tires on a road to maintain grip.

If you want me, golf shoes are probably better at hand than a couple of sneakers if you want me in an environment often in which it’s damp (or even if you play early in the morning while the floor is still wet).

Golf shoes are also usually waterproof and generally waterproof so as to keep the socks and feet dry in such damp conditions, unlike trainers.

Having wet feet is never a nice experience on any occasion but it can particularly annoying when drudging around a golf course for as many as 3.5 miles on an average 18 hole round.

Wet feet will certainly not help your golf game!

Similarly, if you are playing golf often on a course which is particularly hilly, or where you have regular uneven stances when you hit the ball (e.g. Links golf), golf shoes again are more likely to give you a better grip on the ground.

Besides these advantages, some instructors claim that the more certain grip golf shoes are available, the more significant it is for beginners than for the better.

And this is why equilibrium.

The golf swings of expert players and the golfers on the TV have been perfected and managed over thousands of hours.

The swing of the starting player by comparison will obviously be less unequalled and smooth than they usually need to swing.

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Are Golf Shoes Worth It?

Golf shoes are not compulsory but are beneficial to everyone

It is a more important question whether golfers are worth their prise tag than whether or not they are mandatory.

In the vast majority of instances, the quick answer to that question is no.

If you want just to smash a few balls or play a few rounds on a golf court, except on some of the top quality luxury golf courses and country clubs, you don’t have to wear golf shoes.

There will be undoubtedly a couple of trainers or footwear.

However, whether you’re a golf beginner or a professional golfer, these benefits must be taken into consideration while deciding to purchase a pair or not, particularly in certain scenarios.

And the key advantages are ‘grip.’

Regardless of the golfer standing in 2 crucial areas, you have to think of and focus on the most important fundamental element of the game.

The first area concerns your hands’ grip on the golf club while the second one concerns your shoes’ hold on the ground.

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If you’re not wearing golf shoes,
Get a grip and keep them dry

We discussed how essential grip is in terms of what golf shoes you select to play and how trainers and sneakers, in particular in dry and flat environments, can be an appropriate alternative.

However, what about other shoes? Are other options available?

Street or work shoes with a heel on golf courses are not allowed because they can impress the green area, and produce a hint that might throw away another golfer.

Flip flops, thongs and sandals on golf courses are also not permitted.

And again since they don’t give much grip, if you want to take decent photographs, you have little point in wearing them as well.

The need to grip the ground correctly limits alternate possibilities to golf shoes, however.

Although you could use street shoes in principle, it is extremely likely that you will slip away, thus there is little purpose.

Furthermore, because of the rules you may and can’t wear when playing golf, you surely cannot wear street shoes on a golf course

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Golf shoes Don’t have to be Expensive

When it comes to whether anything is “worthy” it will certainly be the major factor affecting what is considered.

We have done some research on the normal price of a couple of golf shoes to assist you decide whether or not golf shoes are valuable.

Two primary styles of golf shoes – spiky and non spiky.

As the name implies, ‘spiked’ golf slippers are made of spherical pickles or cleats in the sole to make the ground strong.

In contrast, spikeless golf shoes use rubber clubs or spikes instead of sole spikes.

The price may vary greatly with any shoe, however normally the cost of golf shoes can vary widely:

Spiked golf shoes$50 – $120$45 – $300
Spikeless golf shoes$60 – $210

$45 – $290

Two key criteria – the materials used (for e.g. water resistance or comfort) and the brand – are the major variations in the prospective costs of golf shoes.

All major fabricators – Adidas, Nike, Puma, Under Armour etc – today produce golf shoes to show how close golf shoes are their major alternatives – trainers, sneakers. They are also very successful.

Footjoy, Etonic, Callaway and Ecco are other golf shoe makers, so you have a lot of choice among them.

Everything that you chose will soon realise you don’t need to spend a fortune on golf shoes and you can pick some real shops to keep costs low like any other shopping item.

Golf shoes  with or without spikes?

If you choose to acquire a pair of golf shoes, the next choice is to have an untouched or untouched pair.

Given the minimal price difference, the main elements that we addressed earlier are again the main factors.

In the settings in which you usually play, which shoes will offer you the best hand?

Now, you could assume it is evident that spiked shoes will inevitably give you more traction on the ground, yet the golf shoe progress over the last many years has made the difference in grip between both of them smaller and smaller.

There was plenty of scepticism when spikeless golf shoes originally appeared and players with rapid speeds in especially didn’t believe that they would take sufficient control.

All that has changed, particularly because it boils down to personal choice in dry and flat weather.

Spikes are certainly more stable than rugged golf shoes over uneven ground in very wet conditions, but as rugged designs get more and more advanced, differences are increasingly disputable.

All of this is due to personal preference and like all pairs of shoes you buy, I would just experiment with a few pairs in your price range to see what you feel the more comfortable (do not forget that you will have to walk in the course of a few miles) and fulfil your needs – e.g. if you play in wet conditions, make sure that they are waterproof and waterproof at times.

An additional plus point  of Spike-less shoes is their versatility.

They are fantastic if you also want to carry them on the road, or on a golf course or driving range while doing other things.

If you shop on your way back from golf, nobody would notice you. Spikeless shoes may feel like a coach or sneaker perfectly.

If you feel these spikes, it will give you added confidence, especially on wetlands, when you swing.

As I say, personal preference is the key given the ever-diminishing differences between picky and spiky shoes.

Final Thoughts

One of our best advice for beginners is to begin by saving their money so that we don’t quickly recommend to run off and buy golf shoes without looking at the advantages and disadvantages and whether or not they value the money.

However, whatever you choose to play golf, just remember the fundamental question you should ask yourself – will these shoes provide me adequate grip and be comfortable to wear in the weather and course conditions that I often play in.

When you swing, you probably have to try new golf shoes or update the ones that you have if you slip on regularly.


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