Are Fence Post Extenders Any Good

Are Fence Post Extenders Any Good?

Whether you have wood, metal, vinyl, or concrete fence posts, you can almost likely locate extenders to fit your requirements. 

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With this in mind, you may be thinking if it is preferable to just expand your existing fence rather than having a completely new fence installed.

Fence post extenders are useful if you wish to increase the length of your fence by a few feet. If you want to increase the length of your fence by more than a few feet, however, it is preferable to replace it with a new fence. Many individuals want to extend their fences for a variety of reasons, including privacy, keeping their pets contained, and greater security.

Fence Extending Ideas That Are Creative

The solutions indicated above for extending are the most commonly used ones in the industry. You are, however, restricted to using them. 

Many people have devised alternative methods of extending their fence. For example, you could easily attach a lattice to the top of your wooden fence to make it more attractive. Alternatively, you might utilise climbing plants to provide more coverage. In this video, a woman constructs an extension for her own concrete posts.

Although the method she uses to extend her concrete pillars is not the most conventional, she was resourceful and found a way to make it work for her unique fence.

When it comes to extending your fence, the only thing that is truly limited is your imagination. If you can conjure up an idea, chances are you can also put it into practise. After all is said and done, you must have at least some fundamental knowledge of home renovation techniques before you attempt anything too elaborate. 

If you are unsure whether or not your plan will be successful, you may always seek professional assistance.

Is It Really Worth It?

Installing a new fence to replace an old one can be a significant financial investment. 

Extending your fence might be a fantastic way to save money on your project. However, when it comes to your unique fence, it might be difficult to determine which choice would be more cost-effective in the long run.

A major aspect in determining whether or not you should extend your fence will be the size of your present fence. 

Your fence extenders may not be sturdy enough to resist severe winds if you want to expand your fence by more than three feet. Similarly, many other people who have extremely short fences have encountered similar issue while attempting to raise their fence to a more appropriate height.

If you have to replace the extension on your fence on a regular basis, extending your fence will not save you money. Installing a new fence will almost certainly be more cost-effective in this situation for you. 

Of course, if you reside in a warm-weather location, you may not be concerned about this.

When expanding a fence, one of the most important goals is to make the addition appear natural, as if it had always been a part of the original fence. 

This may be a tough task, and if it appears that there is no way to make the expansion on your fence appear natural, it may be more cost effective for you to replace your fence entirely.

If you just intend to increase the height of your fence by less than three feet and don’t care about how the post extenders appear, post extenders are an excellent choice for you.

Wood Post Extenders

Wood Post Extenders are used to extend the length of a wood post.
There are a handful of different approaches that you can take to extending your wood fence posts. 

Simply bolting an extra post to the existing one is one method of increasing the height of the structure. The other method is to lay the new post portion on top of the old post section and then 

screw metal tie plates around the area where the two posts come together with each other. Wooden posts can be found at most home improvement stores in your neighbourhood.

Vinyl Post Extenders

Vinyl Post Extenders are a type of post that is made of vinyl.

Increasing the length of vinyl posts is very comparable to increasing the length of metal posts. Vinyl extenders are manufactured with one end that is smaller than the other so that the extension can be inserted directly into the original post. If you wish to keep the extenders in place, you’ll need to drill screws into the two parts. 

The most difficult element of extending vinyl posts is locating extenders that are the same colour and texture as the original posts, which may be difficult because they come in so many various colours and textures. Vinyl post extenders can be found in most home improvement stores as well as on the internet.

Concrete Post Extenders

Concrete fence posts might be the most difficult to extend and the most ugly of all the types of fence posts to choose from.

In order to slip over the concrete post, you’ll need to purchase or construct an extender out of wood, plastic, or metal.

In order to instal the extender, you’ll need to screw it into the current fence. It’s possible that the concrete pillar is still in fine condition, though.

Otherwise, you’ll have to dig it up and replace it with another post. Most home improvement stores provide these types of extenders, which you may purchase online.

So, how do they any Good at all?

Whether or not you should purchase post extenders is entirely dependent on your circumstances. Of course, the quality of the post extenders themselves will vary depending on the brand you choose to use as well as the quality of the original fence posts that you are extending. 

If you simply need to expand your fence by a couple of feet and the original posts are in good condition, placing post extenders on your fence appears to be a good option for you.

Always remember to discuss your plans with your neighbour before taking action. Knowing what you have planned ahead of time will allow them to be more prepared when they notice construction taking place on their property. 

Keep in mind that whatever you do to the fence will have an impact on the appearance and view of their yard as well. You don’t want to instil negative feelings between you and your neighbours, and communicating with them beforehand will alleviate the majority of the stress.

Should I seek expert assistance?

There is a good chance that there are a large number of fencing firms in your area. If the prospect of installing post extenders on your own is becoming intimidating, or if you aren’t sure whether or not you should use extenders at all, enlisting the assistance of a professional may be a wise decision. 

Even a sales representative at your local home improvement store might be able to assist you in determining what to do with your fence posts.

Final Thought

You can undoubtedly get extenders regardless of whether you have wood, metal, vinyl, or concrete fence posts. You may ask if your existing fence can be extended instead of installing a new fence. With this in mind you can.

Fence post extension is ideal if you want a few feet to extend your fence. However, it is advisable to instal a new fence if you want to extend your fence by more than a few feet.

For reasons such as privacy, keeping your animals contained or increasing security, many individuals expand their fences.

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