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About Us

Melbourne-based team of Lifestyle Bloggers and Digital marketers that has a lifelong passion for Outdoor Fun & Adventure for women, Winter fun, Golfing, Fishing, ParaGliding and many more Outdoor Sports Fun Activities.

The opportunity to write for Sports & Hobbies enables me to examine the world from a wide variety of vantage points and investigate a wide variety of lines of enquiry.

With over 6 years experience of successful Blogging and Digital Marketing, and a natural flair for presentation, our team can help create the ‘wow’ factor in your life that will leave a lasting impression on buyers.

ByDivAcharya( Formerly Digitallydiv Agency) the Elite Digital marketing Agency was Founded in 2016 by  Div Acharya and Manny Acharya.

We have grown to be a leader in Digital Marketing Agency and Now we are starting as Lifestyle Bloggers.  

Outdoorfizz.com was founded In SEP 2020, during lockdown when we were craving for outdoor adventures. This is the By-Product of Corona Lock Downs that happened in Melbourne. 

This is our way of saying we came out of Lockdown not without learning something.

Outdoor Fizz Authors

We LOOK  At Outdoor Activities as a basic Necessity In Australia

We are Bloggers at peplifestyle.com ,  Petpawshub.com  and OutdoorFizz.com . Living in Australia Is more about outdoor fun, adventure and Activities. When looking at to the big picture to make it a success. 

This is exactly what we do. We can help people looking for Outdoor Fizz with our Blogs about everything outdoor… 

Div Acharya

Founder at ByDivAcharya.com( Digitallydiv Agency) , Outdoor Fizz , Pet paws hub , & PepLifestyle Blogger and Web Strategist Living in Melbourne , Australia

Outdoorfizz.com is an Amazon affiliate and participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which pays advertising income by advertising and connecting to, for example, outdoor equipment supply products and Items on  Amazon.com. or on shareAsale.com. We do sometimes receive a commission via transactions made with links on our site at NO cost to you.

Manny Acharya

Co-Founder at ByDivacharya.com( Digitallydiv Agency) , Art, Design & Gadgets Mellows(Artmellows.com), Outdoor Fizz , PepLifestyle( peplifestyle.com) & ,Pet paws hub( petpawshub.com), Blogger and Artist Living in Melbourne, Australia

Ash Vohra

Blogger at Outdoor Fizz , PepLifestyle and Pet Paws Hub.

Bobby M-Adventure Blogger at Outdoor Fizz

Bobby Loves Outdoor adventures like paragliding, Motor Biking and leads an active Life. Plus, he loves Blogging in his free time.

Amanda Taylor

Blogger at Outdoor Fizz and Pet Paws Hub.