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Woohoo…It’s time to get outside and enjoy the snow. Sledding/Tobogganing is an excellent way to get the kids out of the house and keep them active even in the colder months.

When it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s even more enjoyable to curl up by the fire with some hot  Cuppa… Just saying!!

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Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Dress warmly for the weather.
  2. Don’t forget to wear a Helmet
  3. Look for any signs prohibiting sledding/tobogganing in a specific area, as well as any ponds that may be hidden or not completely frozen over.
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10 perfect tobogganing spots in Victoria

Yes, this list is lengthy, but it means that no stone is left unturned.

 Continue reading for more information on why these things are so relevant, as well as product suggestions to insure you have everything you need to ride your new snowmobile safely.


Mt Hotham, Australia’s highest alpine village, is 1,861 metres above sea level; this is the one for serious skiers and snow adventurers.

At Mt Hotham resorts, sledding/tobogganing is available only in designated areas on approved hard plastic moulded toboggans which are readily available for purchase or hire within the resort.

Inflatable and foam core toboggans ARE NOT ALLOWED due to the likelihood of punctures.

Away from resorts, find a gentle slope free from rocks and trees, with a safe run out at the bottom.

If you have any questions regarding snow toy products approved for use within the resort please contact the Resort Management Board on 03 5759 3550.



The more boutique Falls Creek Resort, with rooms ranging from 1,210 to 1,830, provides families and couples with a premium, relaxed option for a snow retreat.Who doesn’t enjoy having a good time sliding in the snow?

Tobogganing is a low-cost and simple activity that provides the unique thrill of racing down a snowy hill. Falls Creek has a tobogganing slope at Windy Corner, as well as day parking and a cafe.

The slopes are open to the public; all you need is an approved toboggan and a reservation through our online system. (To be released in the month of June every year).

Check in at the Windy Corner Cafe and pick up your wristbands before your scheduled time.

Toboggans can be rented in the Village at the Windy Corner Cafe, Halley’s, Yogi’s, and Central Snowsports for the prices listed below.

You are also welcome to bring your own, as long as it complies with the regulations.

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Under regular conditions approved toboggan areas include allocated slopes at Windy Corner and the Village Bowl. 

Specific areas may be open or closed subject to weather, snow and specific days of the week. 

For a safe and fun time for all Resort Management requests that all users of the slopes adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always obey signs and the direction and requirements of Ski Patrol, they are there for your safety
  • Only use moulded plastic toboggans, approved by Resort Management (toboggans with pointed ends, metal or wooden bases, inflatables, snow mats, compressed foam and sleds over 2.5kg are not allowed)
  • Do not have more than one person on the toboggan at any one time
  • Do not form toboggan trains (linking people on other toboggans)
  • Do not have more than one person on the toboggan at any one time
  • Always remain in control of toboggan and steer to avoid contact with other users of the area
  • Walk up the side of the slope to avoid collision
  • Falls Creek Resort Management Board strongly recommends the use of helmets for all skiers, snowboarders and snow sport participants.

3. Mount Donna Buang; Yarra Ranges National Park

Mount Donna Buang is breathtaking at any time of year. As the snow begins to fall, the area transforms into a fantastic winter playground.

Mount Donna Buang, located less than two hours from Melbourne, is one of the closest and most popular mountains for a day trip to the snow.

Three toboggan runs, a designated snow play area, barbeques, parking, toilets, and a scenic drive up to the summit are all available.

Due to safety concerns, only plastic toboggans are permitted on the summit. 

Skis, snowboards, and toboggans made of materials other than plastic are not permitted.

 Toboggan rentals are usually available at the summit. However, no other equipment or clothing can be rented.

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Things to know when planning your winter visit to MT Donna Buang

Donna Buang Road can be extremely busy during the snow season. Please drive carefully. Delays may be encountered.

Donna Buang Road may close at any stage if conditions become hazardous or if the summit carparks are full.

Due to safety reasons, only plastic toboggans are allowed on the summit. 

Skis, snowboards and toboggans with materials other than plastic as part of their construction (such as metal or timber) cannot be used.

Toboggan hire is generally available at the summit. No other equipment or clothing is available for hire.

Toboggans can also be hired from nearby towns.


Mt Baw Baw, as one of the closest resorts to Melbourne (two and a half hours drive), provides families and first-timers with the opportunity to dip a toe in the snow and see if they like it.

Mt Baw Baw is a great sledding/tobogganing destination, with a Magic Carpet lift on its toboggan park – the only one with dedicated tobogganing snowmaking!

More Details:

Toboggan Passes: A session pass will be available for purchase on Mt BAW BAW  eStore.

For the 2021 season, the toboggan park will be open in two sessions.

To avoid missing out on tobogganing opportunities for the 2021 snow season, it’s recommended that you book ahead of time.

Toboggans can be rented on the mountain, brought with you, or rented on the way.
Only moulded “sit-in” plastic toboggans are permitted.

Inflatables, snow bikes, and non-standard toboggans are not permitted.


Mt Buller, which sits at an elevation of 1,805 feet, is a popular destination among Melburnians due to its buzzing village vibe and diverse range of activities and venues. 

It’s only a three-hour drive from the city, so it’s doable as a day trip, but it’s far better to stay the night at one of the many hostels, lodges, luxury hotels, and private chalets and take the daily shuttles up the mountain.

Mt Buller has two designated toboggan areas, one in the day car park next to Celia’s Kiosk and the other in the Village next to Alpine Central. Please keep in mind that tobogganing is only permitted in two designated areas.

When the Snowplay Parks are open, toboggans are available for hire from most on-mountain rental outlets.

The Village Snowplay Park received an upgrade in 2019! An improved seating area and park access, as well as three graded runs ranging from beginner to advanced.

Safety Tips while tobogganing in Mt Buller

Only use toboggans made of plastic that have been approved by Resort Management (toboggans with pointed ends and over 2.5kg are not acceptable)

Do not ride the toboggan with more than one person at a time.
Toboggan trains should not be formed (linking people on other toboggans)

While tobogganing, do not stand up.

Always keep control of the toboggan and steer to avoid colliding with other users of the area.

To avoid a collision, walk up the slope’s side.

Tobogganing is only permitted in two areas: the Toboggan Slope in the parking lot next to Celia’s and the Village Toboggan Slope.


Lake Mountain, located only two hours from the city, provides an easy-accessible day trip as well as low-cost skiing on cross-country trails. 

It’s ideal for international visitors with limited time and first-timers looking for a taste of the snow.

During the winter season, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort transforms into a winter wonderland with activities for the entire family. 

Enjoy the snow for the first time with designated snow play areas, or rent a toboggan and hit the three toboggan runs for pure fun.

Tobogganing, snowshoeing, flying fox, laser skirmish, snow tubing, and cross-country skiing are all available, with guaranteed snow for tobogganing and snow play provided by cutting-edge snowmaking systems.



In season 2021, Dinner Plain is the home of fast-paced family fun. Tobogganing will be the main attraction on Dinner Plain’s Cobungra Platter Slope every afternoon.

This is Australia’s largest and longest toboggan slope, measuring approximately 100m in length!

Tobogganing is completely free for walk-up access and does not require a reservation.

To keep things safe, you must check-in using a QR code system and adhere to the boundary and snow craft guidelines.


Want to enjoy the wonders of snow in a Pristine alpine setting?

Head to Mt Stirling for some simple snow play activities and give the kids (or yourself!) a memorable first snow experience – build a snowman or have a snowball fight while taking in the breathtaking Mt Stirling scenery.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, rent a toboggan from Stirling Experience at Telephone Box Junction and go for a ride.

You’ll be screaming with delight as you slide down the snow on a toboggan. TBJ has toboggans for rent, so get sliding!

9. Mount Tolmie Park

Mount Tolmie Park is known for being extremely steep and rocky, but when a nice fluffy blanket of snow falls on Victoria, there are some great sledding/Toboggoning options for people of all ages and skill levels.

There are some more exciting spots for adults and older children, as well as some gentle hills for the younger children.

10. James Houlihan Park

This Gordon Head neighbourhood park, just off Ferndale Road, has a paved walking path and a large open field. Moonlight Lane and Ferndale Road both lead to the park.

Excellent for blackberry picking, with a small playground and a secluded playing field away from traffic.

It is a great place to explore the West Coast beauty that Vancouver Island has to offer, as it is close to beach areas like Glencoe Cove and Arbutus Cove Park.

11. Mount Buffalo National Park

Mount Buffalo National Park is a family-friendly, easily accessible mountain that offers tobogganing and snow play in two separate areas, both of which have free admission and parking.

With plenty of snowfall throughout winter, make the most of the tobogganing, snow play and cross-country opportunities at Cresta Valley and Dingo Dell.

Dingo Dell has a toboggan slope and plenty of space for snow play.

There’s also a café and visitor centre with changing rooms, toilets, and plenty of indoor seating to watch the slopes from.

The café is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays through Sundays (Monday and Tuesday during peak times).

Cresta Valley, located 3 kilometres up the Mount Buffalo Tourist Road, has more diverse terrain and more space for tobogganing and snow play.

12.Snow stuff park/ Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill Golf Course is another fun option for the kids to go tobogganing. 

It’s well-manicured and safe so there is little risk of getting stuck on rocks or branches. Centrally located with a parking area for parents to access as well.

Snow Stuff Park

SnowStuffPark began as a concept in 2004 when its sister firm Snow-Stuff began importing incredibly amazing snow-related things that were not available in Australia.

Other resorts have taken notice of the concept, and in 2013, Snow stuff park opened the second and third parks in Dinner Plain and Falls Creek, Victoria. 

They have trimmed back operation to Mt Hotham because running requires passionate folks (and the world is short on them).

Tobogganing and other snow plays are allowed in this snow park.

If you’re asking where can I see snow in Victoria, here’s the list and their distance from Melbourne CBD.

  1. Lake Mountain – 100km, 2-hour drive from Melbourne
  2. Mt Baw Baw – 160km, 2 and a half-hour drive from Melbourne
  3. Mt Buller – 250km, 3-hour drive from Melbourne
  4. Mt Stirling – 250km, 3 hour drive from Melbourne
  5. Mt Hotham – 357km, 4.5 hour drive from Melbourne
  6. Falls Creek – 357km, 4.5 hour drive from Melbourne

It’s time to start arranging your snow weekend getaway now that you know where it snows in Victoria. 

Whether it is a day trip or a long weekend away; either way, it will undoubtedly be enjoyable and memorable, and you will undoubtedly be looking forwards to your next winter visit.

Plan your vacation and consider what you can do on the way up the mountain; there are plenty of tiny villages to see and experience.

Are sledding & Tobogganing are the same?

The terms “sledding” and “tobogganing” are frequently used interchangeably to refer to the same winter pastime, which involves gliding down a slope covered in snow on a special vehicle. The two words do, however, have a few minor distinctions.

The term “sledding” is more general and refers to a variety of sleds, including foam, plastic, and wooden models. Any sliding activity using various sleds used on snow or ice is referred to as sledding.

Conversely, “tobogganing” refers exclusively to the usage of a toboggan, a conventional sled with a flat bottom and a curving front that was originally built of wood. Riders frequently sit one after the other in toboggans, which are made to hold many riders seated.

Tobogganing is essentially a form of sledding, albeit not all sledding is performed on toboggans. The two phrases have different connotations depending on the type of sled being used, despite the fact that they are linked and frequently used to describe the same activity.


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